Sunday, March 11, 2012

what to wear?

You've heard the expression, "all dressed up with no where to go"  How about when you are going somewhere and just can't decide what to wear.  This time around, you will see lots of pictures on Flickr, the last two days have been fraught with the difficulty of deciding which part of my personality would get dressed.  I'll let the pictures tell you the story.  However, I will give you a bit of background.
Having discovered  that Designer Showcase merchant Essencial had this wonderful line of skins  I was prepared to delight in my new collection in the fat pack.  However when I went to pick out my skins, I found that she had on bid display on her wall an avatar and skin called   " Ice Fairy".  Yep had enough lindens so I bought it.  An innocent purchase, or so I thought. Back in the studio when I started to dress for my shoot, I couldn't resist trying on the Ice Fairy skin.  Well, this is where the trouble begins.

The outfit I was planning to wear was to be a combination of Paris Metro - Pop Flowers a Beautiful Baggie pant, paired with a top I picked out earlier at another shop,  The T shirt top from the "BOOM" Early summer days set.  I eventually got this ensemble done, but not before I went through a zillion photos of me in the Ice Fairy skin and another outfit from Paris Metro, also from the Beautiful Baggies series, Racing.  note both outfits come with the halter, but I am wearing it only in the Racing pictures.  

This was the first picture I had settled on.. I felt wicked and saucy in the Black Racer outfit, the Pop flowers toned down my need to vamp.  The cross on the chain mouth jewelry came with my ice fairy purchase.  Shoes - Lindy court (another Designer Showcase merchant)
e s s e n c i a l
Paris Metro Couture
Designer Showcase

Black hair is from Vanity Hair - Babette noir  Vanity Hair

Till next time

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