Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wearing mesh

If I had hair, I'd have pulled it all out by now.  this evening I prepared to wear the lovely mesh skirt by one of our DS designers, Ruxy's Designs.  The store is participating in the Old Europe Markert Fair.  For this fair, Ruxy's has done a special mesh skirt, exclusive for the fair.   I  really liked the four new releases, and thought I'd like to blog the skirt.  Guess what.  I can't get it to fit me. I've changed AVs at least 4 times if not more.
Nothing works.
I've even gone to, read the information there.  Logged off.  Logged back on..
The designer bless her heart has been on with me for some time.. we can not make it work.  Nor am I getting any of the lovely textures she has used in the skirts.  TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
Rux came over, and eventually she saw the skirt, but I still couldn't. I'm on the most recent viewer from LL.  She used her V2  We got one skirt to rez for me.  I tried after to get the other skirts to rez for me but they wouldn't (textures) ..There are 3 other colours and 1 that is exclusive for the fair.
The Old EuropeMarketFair and Umbrella hunt runs from March 16- April 9th 2012.
Mesh can be a dream or a nightmare..all I say to you is buyer be "aware"..
For now i will take a break from last night's fiasco.  You will see pictures on flickr that will visually express my reaction to the word -Mesh- for the next 24 hours I will not have the word near me. (link is in upper right of this page)
LOL I'll get over it, I love mesh, but like anything else in this world, it can sure "mess with your head"

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