Friday, March 2, 2012

Wanna Flirt

I'm thinking summer is on its way, already I can imagine the spring sunshine lazily draping itself over my winter worn body.  My skin is ready for that moment when the sun's rays slowly and with delicate precision kiss each and every wanting pore with its delicious warmth. 
I'm ready, arms open wide, I lift my face towards the sky, I want more, more more....

Body - Twily,  designer shape Purity
Skin-  Style by Kira - LuLu skin 01N Artic pink
eyes - Insight big image eyes -Amacci
Hair - A & A Meg hair (colour 8)

Readers it won't be long, we will be wearing our summer skins, and sun kissed faces will want hair that compliments and clothes that move like the breeze around us giving us that sensual sway and draw the looks from all around us.  Look at me, want me, I am a Designer Showcase woman.
**waving at the men going doing the street **

This outfit by Ruxy for me was the perfect foil for this moment, in it I feel beautiful, feminine, and flirty. LOL catch me if you can.

Shoes are from HOC Industries, my first visit last night, it was a fun place.  I'll visit again.

Jewelry provided by Bonita Jewelry (Designer Showcase merchant) taxi in previous blog

A visit to Paris France in the 1900 to see what I could find, where else to go when feeling flirty.

This is when I had to end the shoot, our model was feeling too competitive in the shops, she felt that she outshone the French designer.. likely refreshments on the patios while we took in Paris  didn't help.
Join us on our next adventure..
Meanwhile, don't miss out visit the Designer Showcase take in the new items on display.
See what is on sale, visit the Designer Showcase website, link is on this page.

Till next time                for more picture from the Paris shoot, visit Flickr

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  1. Omg, I love the waving at the sexy men going by, shot. bwahaha, That is a great look! I don't usually use a blonde hair with Lulu but I love it. It completely changes the look. Thanks for the great outfit and article. I had a great time reading it, as usual! *hugs*