Friday, March 16, 2012

A visit to another country

The part of SL(Second Life)  that has always thrilled me is the ability I have to travel to practically anywhere in the world in my own time frame, and from the comfort of my home office.  What has this to do with being a shopaholic, welllllll let me tell you.  After my blog yesterday, I was interested in knowing more about the merchant that I had blogged, Diamond Avatar.  After a productive day what does a shopper do to relax, we shop.  I came home with a new skin, Diamond Avatar Venus dark, make up 02.  To my delight when I opened the box, I had a Diamond Avatar shape - Venus.

Being a shape/skin addict, I was not going to bed till I had myself organized for today's blog. The skin and shape sang out to me,  the hair styles began to emerge from my inventory. my inventory is vast, I knew what I was looking for, just didn't know what it would be.  We have all been there.  When I put on Babette noir (Vanity Hair) I gasped in delight.  This was the look that was calling to me. Vanity Hair
Dress is from Icing -Petit Baiser a lovely retro dress that is classic and perfect for mid tea  Icing  and a visit to a foreign country.
Shoes - the same le plateau shoes from Magnifico Miggins I had on the other day (there is a colour hud in the fat pack.Magnifico Miggins
Jewelry -Elemental -sensuous wind Currently featured in the Designer Showcase

The following pictures were shot on location United States of America
there will be more pictures on flickr.

Till next time

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