Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vershe ripped jeans

Who knew that today I would visit Tarzan's Jungle on Plicka Island. It was an adventure, it was a bit of the trek into the jungle before I reached the small enclosed compound by the river.
We started out by going to the airport where our model consumed too much pizza, sweets and pop 
Sugar rush had her doing sit ups in the airport.  You can see the jeans stood up very well to the abuse she put them to.
Here she is talking to the monkey she spotted in the tree.
There are pictures in Flickr of her dancing to the voodoo drums, etc.  Taxi to the jungle is provided above.  The jeans are in the Designer Showcase

Top - G Field  (flower T shirt)       Shape & Hair Ploom
Shoes - Magnifico (Chiave)  the pink version is currently on sale  in DS.
Make up- Face Paint (one shot aurburn chocolate), Skin - MONS (Diandra)
Ripped Jeans - Vershe, in Designer Showcase now.

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