Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Moon Island

Ok so I was intrigued when I saw the invitation to visit the Alien Abduction Trailer Park.  The first time I went, it was so full I couldn't move around, this time, I thankfully basically had the place to myself.  What a charming location, I didn't mind walking ankle deep in water in my new shoes.  SL is wonderful for allowing the adventurous part in all of us to play.
I found a wonderful little shop called JasStore on Twomoons island. The designer makes lovely celestial necklaces.  You will see the one I purchased for myself $60.  Earrings are from PurpleMoon.

Today I'm showcasing Essencial Skin -Megan- dark tan - makeup - cat liner
Eyes, Essencial - Gray- Shape is also from Esssencial - Megan
To say that I fell radiant would be an understatement.  The designer has done it all for you.  You get her fat pack and there is the shape, and the set of eyes.
Sometimes darker skins, are lacking in vitality, not so for this skin, it is very well done.  The pores and texture looks alive and healthy/

To show it at its best, I picked a lovely retro type sundress, alafolie's Satine Bluered dress, and bought a new pair of shoes from G. Fields called Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" in gray.  Hair is Vicky (Rye) from Wasabi Pills.  Before I decided on the style (Vicky-Rye) I did try other styles and colours.  see Flickr.

Readers i am very lucky, I get to wear the best in shapes//skins/makeup, & hair from designers that I have a great respect for.  The quality of the work that is exhibited in SL these days is fantabulous! (yes I've made up the word, that is because, I feel that some of the designers I get to write about are "out of this world" =^_^=

Essencial was new to me, if you haven't yet experienced this designer's work, I encourage you to try what she is offering.  It is hoped that in the very near future, she will put a tempting morsel in the Designer Showcase. Ms Livla Roux this is a hint =^_^= being sent your way!!
Till next time
aloToi                               ** more pics on flickr

Taxi to Designer Showcase

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