Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF -thank goodness it's Friday

Usually I'm not concerned, every day is any day.  However with the Designer Showcase change over, I scheduled Friday for a me day.  The day arrived, and you know what, i was faced with the same decisions that I am every day, what to wear.  How did I feel about the day, what shape, skin, eyes, hair? The same things I do on a work day. I'm sooo lucky, I love what I do.  I'm blessed with having to do things I love every day, and sharing it with readers like you,is a double blessing.
We have a new designer with the Designer Showcase, this is her first round with us.  I was at  her shop yesterday, and I got myself an outfit that pleased me.  So, guess what, I'm wearing a dress and tights from MSN 
MSN main shop
Isn't this a peaceful setting. Vineyard at Romany

Hair - Amacci - Olof - wheat blond, my AO (Posh) and face light are Amacci
Eyes - Mayfly- Deep Sky Eyes, November Night w3
Shape & Skin - Diamond Avatar, skin is in current Designer Showcase
Necklace - Bonita Designs
Shoes -Lindy Wendy Bow - current Designer Showcase
TGIF - I'm going to sit back and just enjoy the day, later today, I'll drop over to the Designer Showcase to check out what's new and "happening" =^_^=

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