Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tattoos & Kung Fu

LOL did that get your attention.  What I knew about tattoos before I started this blog, was nothing.  I found this sexy outfit at Bubbles Designs  one of the many talented Designer Showcase merchants.  I know many like to take a coffee break while at work, I like to wander the shops, especially those that belong to the Designer Showcase.
I was going to change the shoes for the shoot, and I knew just the jewelry I was going to deck myself out with.  As often happens, it didn't work out that way.  When I put the outfit on, I felt somehow empowered, the woman in me that had taken kung fu lessons some time ago surfaced. At that moment, Rux from Ruxy's IM'd me about something, and next thing I knew I had a cigarette in my mouth, (she has an outfit in her shop that includes a cigarette).  
Well you have to know.. that changed the whole complexion of the post.
Shot on location - Letis Tattoo and Piercing
I can assure you that the Kung Fu master would have had the cigarette out of my mouth in a millisecond. I would have been doing push ups till I dropped. As for the tattoos, all I can say is, inworld I can be anything I want.

more pictures on flickr - link upper right corner of this window
Shape, eyes and Skin - Style by Kira
Hair - Natie, streaked - a little of everything - Ploom
Outfit - Bubbles Designs - Francis outfit include the flat slipper
Cigarette - Ruxy's Design 
Lip Jewelry - G.G. Piercing (same location as Letis Tattoo
Arm and body tattoos - Letis Tattoo and Piercing
Poses - Kung Fu - Luth

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