Thursday, March 8, 2012

styling legendaire - encore et encore

y-a-t-il des celebrites pour qui vous aimeriez creer un vetement?  English translation - Is there a celebrity you would like to create an outfit for?  My answer, NO, but there was an outfit I wanted to create a celebrity look for.
The outfit is from the Designer Showcase, NAOKO by Bubble's Design.  It didn't jump out at me, but it did get my attention. I had to look at it a few time before I said, OK... I want this outfit.

It wasn't an outfit that I could put on and say "et voila".. I spent many hours with it on, doing make up changes, hair changes.  It is comfortable and stylish at the same time.  Easy to wear, but I wanted that certain continental Chic look.  "invetiablement Chic"  Each model I tried had her own style, and non clicked with me till Mkui Muykerji's super model III popped out at me.

Wearing Ginger pale freckles Mia Snow skin with a very coral lip colour, this model stood out.  She wore Vanity Hair's Backstage (coral) a very sharp haute style, and suddenly I could see it happening. Eyes, February Tan eyes (Star) (DS merchant)

Shoes are from G. Field, this is the link  to their main shop.

Designer Showcase

Vanity Hair

Till next time                  ** see flickr for more info

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