Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Style Statement

Time capsule, fashion of yesterday, meets the diva of today.  The well turned out woman in today's world knows that style is important, not a copy cat style, but one that reflects her own look, makes a statement about her success and her status on the fashionista charts. 
Hair, do you follow the trend, or do you dare step outside the box and go to a stylist that will be more avant garde and  work with your face and bone structure to make YOU look drop dead gorgeous.  In SL there are a lot of hair designers, we have no reason to allow ourselves to be dull or boring in our choices.  Changing your hairstyle, is the first step in transforming your "look.  Model is wearing Secrets Hair, Nummies, Streaked - Roots.
Secrets hair
I have this wonderful piece of jewelry (yellow gem flower necklace) from Designer Showcase merchant, Bonita's Jewelry. To show it off, I am wearing Donna Flora outfit *Mildred* Note the mix of a carefree more bohemian piece of jewerly with a classic retro "after five" dinner dress. Cinecitta -DonnaFlora  How to pull it off.. easy, see the floral pattern in the dress, + the colour in the metal of the jewelry matches the shading in the dress. Hat comes with the dress.
Shoes will be in the next Designer Showcase, they are from Lindy. *Molly blk patent* 
Earrings are from PurpleMoon, Concentric in silver with a small onyx in each circle, enough for the light to catch it and give a bit of bling. 
Shape - Twily goddess     Skin - Amacci - Giselle (Fresh) 22 cutie
Eyes -e s s e n c i a l - gray 
Till next time
Designer Showcase

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