Thursday, March 1, 2012

Steaming l>> Hot> Hot >Hot

Readers, hold on to your seats! we are on a roll!  The Designer Showcase is a stepping stone to new relationships with your wardrobe.
And how might you add, do I mean that!

The outfit today is Artic Storm's Burberry Rosa wool coat set - ($75  L)

To compliment this outfit, I decided to do it my way (of course) I started out with a new hairdo, we all need new hair from time to time!
Hair is by JuJu Neximus and is called Bad JuJu, she made it low prim so that it can be worn when hunting through lag. on special today at her location ($10L) her location is Lasombra 27,46,23 I was at a temporary location this morning.  if you have problem contact JuJu
This is temporary location but it IS NOT her main store.

The next natural progression was to my feet, shoes, I wanted shoes -OMG how many times do we say that in a lifetime.  Readers check out my boots!!!
I was jumping with JOY!

Footwear is by Grim Bros. Vapour Vanity Nouveau, grumpy green -($295L)  gears move and the tiny chimney emits little puffs of steam.  I loved the boot, but I would have bought them just because they are called grumpy green LOL

Accessories - I went to Bonita's Jewelry shop, she is one of the Designer Showcase jewelry mavens. I've already shown you her picture frame lip chain that is in our DS showcase at the moment, but I wanted something different, I dug around in her clearance section, then searched her displays on the upper level. Earrings and necklace -- they are not a set, but I feel they compliment each other.  Look around, she has a lot to chose from.

Pose - Masoom - air poses - Designer showcase in the showroom now! ( $ 75L)

Shape + brow by Twily (Purity)

Skin - NVious - NBGG Aldleen Pale in the Designer Showcase now ** 3 shades $100 L

Eye Shadow - Essencial basic in the Designer Showcase now 16-20  ($49L)

Eyes - Amacci - Insight- Infinity- big image eyes with eye sparkle

Take advantage of the wonderful prices the DS designers offer you when they showcase an item.  Prices revert back to their normal retail price after they leave the showcase.

Till next time                         more pictures on Flickr

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