Friday, March 23, 2012


Sisters an odd couple, one likes this and the other prefers something else, I know that Alo had a sister, but we had never really met.Seeing them together was a story in itself.  Seems they had been estranged for some time> I notice that their sense of fashion is not at all the same, the one thing that was very obvious is that they both love the fashion world, they simply have a different take on it.
Reminded me of the diversity that happens within the Designer Showcase. What will look good on one person will not necessarily look good on someone else. Our personalities really do show in our attitudes, the way we stand, the way we put things together.  
Visiting a shop, you see the personality of the designer, come to Designer Showcase and have access to a variety of styles from the very best!
Alo (our ditzy blonde)                                Xsa guest model
Shape- Blah                                            Shape - Imbue
Skin - Idiosyncrasy, audrey                       Skin - Aura - Briar, osaka
Hair - Ploom  Natie                                  Hair - Tovi Mahogany
Shoes - Sticky fingers                              Shoes - Imbue
outfit - NO Rosey outlook                         Outfit - Piddle and  NDD top
jewelry- Cyrstal line                                 Jewelry - Earth Stones bracelet
                                                                          Periquita necklace
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