Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is really easy to follow a trend when you shop @ Designer Showcase, you get to know some very talented creators.  At the Designer Showcase, you can sample outfits at a fraction of the cost while you explore the quality and compatibility with what YOU like. .. The designer  merchant that I am featuring in this blog is Sassy.  Teased by the different outfits that have been in the DS I finally took myself to the shop to look around. Sassy 
She has a lovely group gift outfit that is to die for.  AND, if you know someone who is new to SL she has a fabulous newcomer gift.  It was hard for me to settle on one outfit, so I bought two..  In passing she has a very nice cozy sweater dress in her mob vend.  The shop is well  laid out, outfits are displayed so you can see the groupings without having to cam all over.  Whether you are a shy butterfly or a blooming orchid, she has a style that will work for you.  Nicely priced too. It was difficult to tear myself away to go prepare for the shoot. =^_^= shopper that I am.

Taken on location Woodstock69 Glory land
and at Alien abduction Trailer Park

outfit 1 -(yellow) Sassy Hippie chick -Boxy
outfit 2 -(print) Sassy Infatuation
1 & 2 - Shape - Ploom Eile, Skin Belleza Elle BL SK 13 HB
1 & 2 - Eyes - shape by Kira - Spring Green (DS merchant)
#2- Jewelry - PurpleMoon - Cubies II In Summer
#1- Jewelry - Elemental -Circular Fusion II  (Designer Showcase merchant)
#2- Hair - A&A Anastasia 3
#1- Hair - Frou Frou - Italian Boy - Golden
#2- Shoes -GaGa boot, Reila Skins, leopard
#1- Shoes - Wedge, colour change HOC
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