Saturday, March 31, 2012


To a rock hound, this is a lovely little specimen.  To a jewelry buff, its a delightful piece to add to one's collection.  Why,because it has a lovely pale, slightly pinkish streak,  and can be translucent with a vitreous to pearly luster. The name is derived from the Greek, rhodochrosis (pink coloured).  Native Americans used to offer the stone as a token of love, and many want it for its supposed healing properties  Good samples are used as semiprecious gems, faceted, or cut as a cabochon.  In some cultures in was considered a holy stone.

Guess what we have in the Designer Showcase. * Elemental has put in her showcase a lovely earring and pendant set,(silver & rhodochrosite), she calls Persephone.
Silver until the 18th century was considered almost as valuable as gold. Silver increases the power of a stone. symbol of the moon, it can pacify an unsettled energy, and works well on all chakras.  The time to act is now, this lovely set of jewelry is selling for $95 while it is in the Designer Showcase.

Outfit is from * Pretty Lady - Delightful Pink and  white -crisp bright white with bold polka dot print bodice, perfect for spring. Comes with a ruffled neckline, not shown in these pictures. This is a knock out dress!

Hair -* Amacci - Suzy - Coal black
Eyes - * Amacci - Sapphire #10

Skin - *Style by Kira - Willow
Shoes - Enkythings -Talyna white

* Designer Showcase items on 
sale now - taxi over  Designer Showcase

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