Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prince Charming

Silk the fabric of the rich, it is sensual, soft against the skin and falls so deliciously against our bodies.  No matter our size or shape, silk is stunning to wear.  Today I'm wearing the flirty little dress from 1 Hundred - simply silk in white.   Once I slipped the dress on, I knew I'd have a very special day.
Fate has a way of stepping in when you let your thought be known.  When I slipped into 
my Lindy Court shoes, I felt like Cinderella headed to the ball. Black net stockings are from Ruxy.  I felt it in my bones that something wonderful and exciting was ahead.  A trip to PurpleMoon got me my  "bling"  every princess needs her jewelry.  bangles for my wrists,  precious stones to adorn my  neck and ears.  My hair crowns my  head, (Amacci, Paula, bleached tips)  eyes, Inspire 27 Natural green/blue 2C by 2C Runo
Shape - Twily - Sky, and Skin Amacci, Giselle (Fresh) 21 drama.  Readers I was ready
for my dream to come true.

This handsome stranger, like magic appeared during my shoot.  The gods were listening and for a moment, I felt the world stand still, I enjoyed my magical moment of "once upon a time and forever ever"

Till  next time                                     **  more pictures on flickr

Designer Showcase
1 Hundred


  1. Haha! Nice! Hope you got his friended him or something. lol <3 Amacci is fab!