Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A jewel in the sea

A teleport gone kaput, one of the famous LL taxis that takes its own path and drops you off in parts unknown.  That is what happened to me, I found myself in this magical landscape of lavender, aqua and blue/green.  I could see a building off in the distance, and as I made my way there, enchantment began.The Sea Hole, Tails
The mystery of it all is that when trying to get a link for you, it kept coming up N/A (not available)  I didn't let up, hopefully you will land in this place under the sea.
There will be more pictures on flickr. (link upper right) 
The builder of this site, spent a lot of time working with shadows and lighting
When I finally got inside, I discovered a clothing store.  this will be explored another day  
Today's outfit... Blah - my tight body suit in yellow
Shape - Blah-Formasa            Skin/eyes -Style by Kira  Abigail Fanatasy 01F
Hair -Bizarre Hair -Cinta Black       Sweater- Ruxy's Design
Shoes -ISON -color block prism pump     Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry

A gentle reminder that the outfits in the Designer Showcase will be leaving in the next couple of days, we will have a new showcase for you soon.  If there was something you wanted, don't delay, in a few days it will be back to full price in the merchants store.Designer Showcase

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