Saturday, March 3, 2012

its been one of those days!

Ever have a dream where you wake up and wonder if you are still in the dream...
Today I woke  up!  At least I think I did
OMG where am I?  I don't recognize the room, the walls are old, with what looks like blood and years of grime encrusted on them.  The smell is foul, the air is damp, and what is that sound?
Maybe if I hide.  Maybe not, the floor is just as bad as the gurney I was on.  Only filthier.
Hey, look at my shoes, aren't they wonderful, so colourful.  Maybe if I count the colours in them I'll feel better.  Mighty pretty shrug (sweater ) too.  I'm dressed up, where have I been?  What brought me here?
Oh ... yes... now I am remembering.... I don't feel so well.... let me think... I wanted a certain makeup and someone was not around who was it I was looking for.... I look so pale..  the doctors here find me rather appealing... how strange they look, their teeth are rather odd.... pointy too.  Should I call someone?

Shape - Style by Kira - Kohia cm
Skin - Glam Affaire - Valentine 03D
Make up - Face Paint - The Geisha #4
Eyes - Style by Kira - Dark olive green
Jewlery by Bonita Jewelry
Earrings - HOC Industries
Hair - Bizarre - Cinta Black
Green top - Snatch Jaded Fae Top
Sweater - Ruxy, knit ruffles
Jeans - Mia Snow -Thursday
Shoes - Grim Bros. (Tico Tico)
Shot on location -FallinAngel Creations-Sanitarium (fantastic experience)

Time to take the express go Designer Showcase and wake up!

Till next time                   *more pictures on Flickr


  1. oh nice pics, thnx for including MIASNOW stuff^^ ... omg those lips on that skin are <3

  2. Bwahahaha, that is awesome! lol And yes! You should concentrate on the shoes. They are pretty fab and definitely prettier to look at than the scary room you were in!. I am gonna have to take a trip over there and maybe do some slashed and gashed skins so I can feel more like I belong. :D As always, thanks for the great post! <3