Saturday, March 17, 2012

in the Pink

Shopping @ the Designer Showcase is always such a blast, the diverse influences one encounters from the different merchants can't help but shape 
our fashion choices.  Today's "look" is fun, young and full of zest.
Everything  except the hair (Magika/Pixie) is from a Designer Showcase merchant.  The fun outfit from M&M Fashions includes the long necklace and the belly bling!  It is on for $99 right now.. the designer had a ruffle at the end of the sleeve, that is not shown in the pictures.
Shoes -Magnifico Miggins - Chiave $100 in Designer Showcase now
Skin - Style by Kira - Nessima 031   $75  in Designer Showcase now
Shape - Diamond Avatar (Venus)
more pictures on Flickr

Till next time


  1. Haha, you always look like you are having such a great time in your photos. Thanks for the cute pictures and the nice write-up. Nessima is one of my all time favorites. *hugs*