Friday, March 30, 2012

Hola, bienvenido

El gusto es mio - the pleasure is mine. Thank you Designer Showcase merchant M & M, mucho gracias for the wonderful outfit Virgi Jeans -the outfit was perfect for a trip to Mexico, and the enjoyment of touring El Refugio Pottery - Your Mexican Connection   Readers, this outfit comes complete with the boots, and all the jewelry that you see.  Finger nails are also included, they are not shown.
The outfit went on like a dream, no fussing, it fit like a glove.  This spring the "look" is patterns, this is a delightful floral that isn't too much, or too little, it has just another colour to give a very smart, expensive look.  The earrings you will be able to wear with a lot of different outfits.  The designer really pulled together a look that although its a denim, says "hot/uptown & fresh"  * it is in the Designer Showcase NOW!

Hair- A & A Cele #8             Eyes - Amacci #10 sapphire
Shape is mine         Skin - NBGG Sydney ** Designer Showcase NOW!!!
                                             2 versions are being offered! (Nvious)
more pictures on flickr - link upper right
taxi Designer Showcase

our model trying to teach a dog we met to play dead..LOL we told her it wouldn't work..

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