Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fresh starts

Spring heralds a new season, new colour, a different blue in the sky and in this part of the world, no snow. Young tender shoots begin to cautiously peak out of the ground, the birds have started to return, and for us, it means we shed our winter coats, jackets and  boots.
Paris Metro Couture put out an outfit that i feel lifts the spirit and adds a bounce to the step.  Dotted Amour Vert gown, is for me a multi purpose outfit.
It comes with a lovely long scarf that falls gracefully down the back, (not shown in the pictures) and a skirt that gives the outfit a very classic evening gown look... you see here that for me I loved the way the designer shaded the pants that go with the outfit.  I feel that it can be worn at home, even out without the skirt.  A wonderful way to hostess a dinner party, or attend an informal summer dinner party  It is the accessories and the shoes that will
help pull your look together.
Hair is paramount in how we want to be seen.  Hair is an important factor in the grand scheme of things.  Vanity Hair is always a safe choice when you want your look to make a statement - Vanity Hair is a leader in the industry,
model is wearing FanFan noir.  Vanity Hair
Jewlery - PurpleMoon - Grant Necklace/earrings carrara marble
diamond bracelet - Little Duchess of York - Two Sisters Treasures
Shoes -Soraya - NICI black/white
Shape /Skin   Alison from Diamond Avatar (Designer Showcase merchant)

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