Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fantasy in Red

Changing into the new outfit from Snowpaws was easy. The store had sent me the outfit Usine Scrarlet yesterday, it was scheduled for today.  What I didn't know was where we would do the shoot.
The outfit is very today, smart, chic,short, and combines a patterned over blouse with a softer chiffon skirt that is in a colour that picks up the darker shading in the blouse.  Although the top is predominately a red, the shading and skirt are in the purple red hues.  Because of this I paired it with the lovely necklace that is in the Designer showcase by Bonita Designs. (Deep pink flelcked golden rays)

The necklace falls down the back in a decorative fashion knotting at the end.
I liked the bling that discreetly dances along the model's neckline.  It will be very flattering against the skin when worn in both daylight, or moonlight.
Notice how the designer has given the look a delightful trim waist by adding just the right amount of flare over the hips.

The skin and shape are from Diamond Avatar, the skin is in the new Designer Showcase, look for Katia Tan, make up 5. (model is wearing the Venus shape)
Shoes are Le Plateau from Magnifico - This shoe is in the DS in black and white.
Hair -Suzy natural blond  (this style is in the Designer Showcase) Amacci
AO - Amacci -Classic 
Lighting used - Amacci
It was a toss up, put this picture of our model being silly, or use one of the pictures where she is pole dancing.  You have the option of going to Flickr (link is in upper right corner) if you want to see her pole dancing and see more of the location we shot at.
Crimarizon - pixel panic Gallery       Designer Showcase

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