Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eyes -expressions of the soul

Designer Showcase merchant - Bubble's Designs presented me with a wonderful opportunity with the outfit Elizabeth that is in the current DS.  Elizabeth is an outfit that can do double duty, it is exotic, and different.  Your body is covered, but it isn't.  You show enough leg to tempt, and the bodice is cut to show basically most of your front.  This is definitely a dress for a woman who is sure of herself, knows her worth, and is not shy in displaying the delicious offering of her body.

The dress makes such a strong statement in itself, that I didn't change my avatar, I let the dress direct the moment.  What I have chosen to do is give you two looks, night and day.  The night look uses - Quarantine - Fragmented love doll skin  the day look I have used NVious NBGG Aldeen dark tan..  the eyes those haunting dramatic eyes, are from Mia Snow, glacier.  Shape is also Mia Snow, Hunny Tan Sweety,      Hair - Secret, Whimsy II Soil
OK obviously in our day to day we don't go out dressed in such dramatic fashion, but what this outfit has allowed me to do is talk a bit about the importance of shapes,skins and eyes in our wardrobes.  Each designer brings his/her own talents to the drawing board, and you as the artist pulling together your "look of the day"  want to have a good selection in your inventory to draw from.  Designer Showcase is an excellent source for what I consider your basic needs.
more pictures on flickr

The Elizabeth is on sale in the DS now!  the merchant has put in in the DS at $95L which is a fraction of its cost in the shop.  I know cuz I was in the shop looking around the other day.  It looks good without the skirt.  You want sexy, reader, this outfit is SEXY.  Designer Showcae
Shoes are from SLink - Black suede wedge
Choker - S.E. goth dark royalty (Souzou Eien)

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