Thursday, March 15, 2012

Designer Showcase, new eclectic mix

The 15th signals a change in the venue at the Designer Showcase, the building is a buzz with activity as the merchants come in to change their vendors.  I wait with anticipation to see what goodies will be put out.
I got the full package from Artic Storm, it is a lovely graduation gown, or evening dress, AS Passion Rose Blue Corset/dress  it is a delightful,.  However dear readers, this is the part of the outfit that rang my chimes.  I go to an athletic club on a regular basis, I know that this pantie is worn by young and old. I think that the creator of this outfit did a bang up job giving us a look that will work for the young debutante or the divine diva that purrs in all of us.

From my early morning visit to the DS this looks like it will be a really good one to shop and stock up on some of our basic inventory needs.  ie. Skins... for this post I'm wearing Nvious'
Marisol M5, I basically begged for this one, readers, catch it while it is here, cuz when it goes back to the merchant's shop it will be $400.  In the DS it is $100!!!  I'm wrong, she has it for $85 !!! RUN  go get it now...check out her vendor picture, this is a skin that can be ultra chic and sexy... just plain dynamite.  Here I've used it with an innocent look, but those ripe lush lips are anything but innocent.
Shape is by Twily, (Sky)
Hair - Vanity Hair - Linette - essence
Shoes -Magnifico Miggins - le Plateau if this is a new name to you, it won't be for long, her shop is full of "gotta try" footwear.  This is not the show in the DS this time around, the shoe that is, will be featured in my next blog.  For this particular shoe you will have to visit her shop. Magnificio Miggins
The Designer Showcase is looking really good these days, open spacious, even a sitting area to visit with your friends while you work out what you are going to buy to add to your bulging  inventory =^_^=...   you can't go wrong when you shop the Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase

Till next time

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