Monday, March 12, 2012

Designer Showase Merchant - Elemental

Jewelry is very personal, we attribute a lot of energy to what we wear, how we wear it, and what it means to us.  Since the beginning of time, women and men have found ways to adorn themselves with precious and semiprecious metals and gems.  We all know that powers are attributed to different gemstones, and we all secretly have some secret reason we wear a favourite piece of jewelry.  At Elemental, the designer who is a silversmith in RL, likes to work with the semi precious stones and work out designs that will be different from the mainstream,
She hopes to produce pieces that will work in many ways for the wearer, whether that be in role play, medieval, fantasy, or mermaids playing in the vast oceans.

Today I'm blogging her offering for the upcoming Designer Showcase, you have time to save your pennies.  The new showcase won't be out till March 15. check the group notices for the exact time. or watch my Long Dash Studio Face Book page, or follow me on Twitter @ Qyhat.

The Designer Showcase is on the move, we are going forward into spring, wanting to bring you more of the best at a price you can afford  Remember when these items leave the DS they go back to their full price in the merchants shop.
Our merchants are some of the best in SL, we are grateful for their willingness to share their products with you, at a discounted price. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to get in on some of the best merchandise available.  Designer Showcase makes it happen just for you.  If you are not a member in the Designer Showcase group. please sign up... be the first of your friends to see what is happening in the  fashion world.

Designer Showcase
G Field at Fashion for Life  (boots)
Donna Flora main shop (dress in her sale area)
Amacci Hair  (Paula, bleached tips)
e s s e n c i a l  (Megan fair, cherry,petite)

Till next time                                           **pictures on Flickr

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