Thursday, March 8, 2012

the dance of the Humanoid

What a wonderful opportunity I had today.  I was asked to preview the Humanoid dance package by Marcus Adkins. Humanoid - is  professional Motion capture production company.  Service and suported by Humanoids support resident. They have been around since 2008.  To see more about this talented group, visit  Taxi to Humanoid - motioncapture dance animations


I love to dance, and having danced professionally at one time, when in SL I like to dance. and I've scouted around for some good dance moves.  Here today, I got to sit and review each of the movements in the package, one at a time.  I tried putting them in a hud, but that didn't work for me.  I wanted to see each set of moves on its own.  If you are a dancer in SL or are going to want to use these movements, I can assure you that you will want to select them to suit your personal style.

So that I would not be distracted by hair, & clothes I choose to use a Wunderlich Electronic skin. I am using the Aqua from their demo package.  These are such amazing skins I could have gone with the Bronze, blue, or green (there are many other choices visit the shop to see all of what they have to offer.)  My Shape is a modified Mia Snow shape.  Taxi to Wunderlich Skins.

What impressed me with the movement of the animations was the ones that were bang on, were very sensual, smooth and so intense you could feel the calculated intentions of the dancer.  Some of the moves are  very suggestive but they retain a finess that is a class act.  Other moves are not so subtle and rather more on the primitive strip joint side of the line  That is why if you are going to use them, it is in your best interest to make sure you give them all a good try.. if you think you are going to use most of the moves, then buying the fat pack is the way to go. (25 dance moves)

Interested in your feedback if you try these animations.  Hope you do.
Till next time
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