Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chinatown -Mieville Stevenson

Feeling like a night out, I put on my new Sassy Seduction dress - camouflage
combed my messy hair, no matter what I do it is fly away hair, Kik, Nina black,
and comfy shoes for walking HOC Industries - Yay Wedge, hailed a cab and off I went to Chinatown.Victorian Steampunk Chinatown
An art gallery was first on my list, then a shop filled with lovely incense and Arabian lamps. I find a Chinese supermarket much like the ones I'm familiar with.  Must go in to see if they have dim sum. Hmm they have the drawers filled with dried herbs.   Herbs for medicinal purposes and some for teas.
That is the one thing about traveling on one's own, there is no one to share a meal with.  The herbal tea worked wonders, look at my skin, it glows.
Shape/Skin - ylang ylang -the Body Company
Make up - Face paint -  cateyes blue
ao - Amacci Posh -this is the ao that I wear on most of my travels
Eyes - shapes by Kira, seriously dark brown eyes lately my favourite
This dress is a must have, how crazy cute and sexy is it...I never would have thought that I'd think camouflage is cute. or sexy.  Sassy made it happen!
GUESS WHAT  this dress will be in the Designer showcase in the next round!
Mark your calendar. coming up...Designer Showcase  March 30 noon SL time.
more pictures on flickr

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