Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carrots mint greens, celery & lemons

I've been in many parts of the States, but never the Grand Canyon.  Given the opportunity I logged in and visited the sim.  The Enchanted Forest was my favourite Grand Canyon (Enchanted Forest).  Seeing in the virtual world has sharpened my appetite to visit in person.  I arrived in the canyon part, and actually came down a rope to the forest... This is an amazing build, they can use our support in maintaining it.
It was a perfect setting for the new spring colours - readers open your fashion pages - you'll see a riot of different shades of orange -carrot - celery - banana yellows, if it is colourful and shouts zest then you know you are current. Patterns are in, florals abound, whether in shoes, accessories or in the clothes.
Orange is a spiritual colour, my shopping spree  yesterday, had me glowing.
When I entered the park, I found these delightful raccoons  who  took time from their foraging to visit with me.
The shoes although not the best for walking the trails did hold up, and of course had me feeling very "lovely" and from this picture you can see I was feeling very "ta da" (shoes are from G Field -Rose Bootie Diva orange)
Hair is Natie - streaked from Ploom.   Earrings are from Designer Showcase merchant - Elemental (October earring)  Necklace (Crystal line) Rose colour change necklace
Shape - Ploom. Eile ...................... Skin - Exodi - Sylvan cachet 2 lt.
Eyes - Shape by Kira dark olive green
Oufit is from Blah, My Moody Dress/Domination
more pictures of the grand canyon and forest on flickr..

NB**  I would be remiss in not telling you of a wonderful 1 prim shop for furniture. PrimPossible 1 Prim furniture & Pianos

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