Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1 model 3 skins (make ups)

Over the years, I have coached many new arrivals to SL in the making/creating of their avatars. For the academic coming in to work on University projects, to the Health Care worker who comes in to attend meetings, students wanting to look presentable for their presentation to the gal who just wants to look good for herself.  There is a myriad of choices in SL, we are not wanting from products to choose from.

How to make an informed choice?  Many of you simply go out and buy, through trial and error you come up with something you like.  However my experience has been that most of us are never really satisfied. In RL where we constantly look through the latest magazines to see what the latest makes ups are, what the "stars" are wearing and who is doing what to who. In SL we occupy some of our time searching out hairdos and clothes to adorn ourselves with.

Readers # 1 on your list should be the quality of your skin, your make up and your eyes.  SL is a visual environment.  If your eyes are "dead" if they don't give sign of life, it can ruin all the time you took to find that special dress and hairdo.  And lets face it, we might not have zits and crows feet to deal with in SL but if your skin lacks luster, and your make up sucks,  no matter you paid top linden dollar for your dress, and a fortune for a sexy AO, you are not "feeling it"

For this exercise, I am using a model from Q-Elle, this is a shape shop that specializes in shapes of the normal, everyday woman.  I asked the creator to send me a shape, I wanted to start from zero.  My model today is Avixen.  The skins I am going to use are from Amacci (3)  , Nvious (1), and Style by Kira (2).  The skins are all from the Designer Showcase.  exception is Amacci, so I am using one from my inventory.    I will also use Amacci hair because Amacci is part of the Designer Showcase. Colour of hair is indicated over the model's head. the Style is Doris  Eyes are Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Aged Bronze

The Sweater is from 1 Hundred, this colour is not presently in the Designer Showcase but the blue one is.  Jeans are by Mia Snow.  Shoes worn are by Lindy.  Again all Designer Showcase except for Mia.  Her jeans are part of my personal inventory.

How you look is a very personal choice.  Shop wisely, try the demos that are offered.  The Designer Sbowcase is put together with you in mind.  Looking for something and you don't see it, talk to the owner Aisha Convair.  The DS showcase changes twice (2) a month.  DS merchants are some of the best in SL, your feedback lets them know what you'd like to see from them in the DS 

Till next time

Taxi to DS


  1. I love to see things like this! Awesome way to show how a shape can look totally different just by changing a skin and hair. :D