Saturday, March 31, 2012


To a rock hound, this is a lovely little specimen.  To a jewelry buff, its a delightful piece to add to one's collection.  Why,because it has a lovely pale, slightly pinkish streak,  and can be translucent with a vitreous to pearly luster. The name is derived from the Greek, rhodochrosis (pink coloured).  Native Americans used to offer the stone as a token of love, and many want it for its supposed healing properties  Good samples are used as semiprecious gems, faceted, or cut as a cabochon.  In some cultures in was considered a holy stone.

Guess what we have in the Designer Showcase. * Elemental has put in her showcase a lovely earring and pendant set,(silver & rhodochrosite), she calls Persephone.
Silver until the 18th century was considered almost as valuable as gold. Silver increases the power of a stone. symbol of the moon, it can pacify an unsettled energy, and works well on all chakras.  The time to act is now, this lovely set of jewelry is selling for $95 while it is in the Designer Showcase.

Outfit is from * Pretty Lady - Delightful Pink and  white -crisp bright white with bold polka dot print bodice, perfect for spring. Comes with a ruffled neckline, not shown in these pictures. This is a knock out dress!

Hair -* Amacci - Suzy - Coal black
Eyes - * Amacci - Sapphire #10

Skin - *Style by Kira - Willow
Shoes - Enkythings -Talyna white

* Designer Showcase items on 
sale now - taxi over  Designer Showcase

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hola, bienvenido

El gusto es mio - the pleasure is mine. Thank you Designer Showcase merchant M & M, mucho gracias for the wonderful outfit Virgi Jeans -the outfit was perfect for a trip to Mexico, and the enjoyment of touring El Refugio Pottery - Your Mexican Connection   Readers, this outfit comes complete with the boots, and all the jewelry that you see.  Finger nails are also included, they are not shown.
The outfit went on like a dream, no fussing, it fit like a glove.  This spring the "look" is patterns, this is a delightful floral that isn't too much, or too little, it has just another colour to give a very smart, expensive look.  The earrings you will be able to wear with a lot of different outfits.  The designer really pulled together a look that although its a denim, says "hot/uptown & fresh"  * it is in the Designer Showcase NOW!

Hair- A & A Cele #8             Eyes - Amacci #10 sapphire
Shape is mine         Skin - NBGG Sydney ** Designer Showcase NOW!!!
                                             2 versions are being offered! (Nvious)
more pictures on flickr - link upper right
taxi Designer Showcase

our model trying to teach a dog we met to play dead..LOL we told her it wouldn't work..

TGIF -thank goodness it's Friday

Usually I'm not concerned, every day is any day.  However with the Designer Showcase change over, I scheduled Friday for a me day.  The day arrived, and you know what, i was faced with the same decisions that I am every day, what to wear.  How did I feel about the day, what shape, skin, eyes, hair? The same things I do on a work day. I'm sooo lucky, I love what I do.  I'm blessed with having to do things I love every day, and sharing it with readers like you,is a double blessing.
We have a new designer with the Designer Showcase, this is her first round with us.  I was at  her shop yesterday, and I got myself an outfit that pleased me.  So, guess what, I'm wearing a dress and tights from MSN 
MSN main shop
Isn't this a peaceful setting. Vineyard at Romany

Hair - Amacci - Olof - wheat blond, my AO (Posh) and face light are Amacci
Eyes - Mayfly- Deep Sky Eyes, November Night w3
Shape & Skin - Diamond Avatar, skin is in current Designer Showcase
Necklace - Bonita Designs
Shoes -Lindy Wendy Bow - current Designer Showcase
TGIF - I'm going to sit back and just enjoy the day, later today, I'll drop over to the Designer Showcase to check out what's new and "happening" =^_^=

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fantasy in Red

Changing into the new outfit from Snowpaws was easy. The store had sent me the outfit Usine Scrarlet yesterday, it was scheduled for today.  What I didn't know was where we would do the shoot.
The outfit is very today, smart, chic,short, and combines a patterned over blouse with a softer chiffon skirt that is in a colour that picks up the darker shading in the blouse.  Although the top is predominately a red, the shading and skirt are in the purple red hues.  Because of this I paired it with the lovely necklace that is in the Designer showcase by Bonita Designs. (Deep pink flelcked golden rays)

The necklace falls down the back in a decorative fashion knotting at the end.
I liked the bling that discreetly dances along the model's neckline.  It will be very flattering against the skin when worn in both daylight, or moonlight.
Notice how the designer has given the look a delightful trim waist by adding just the right amount of flare over the hips.

The skin and shape are from Diamond Avatar, the skin is in the new Designer Showcase, look for Katia Tan, make up 5. (model is wearing the Venus shape)
Shoes are Le Plateau from Magnifico - This shoe is in the DS in black and white.
Hair -Suzy natural blond  (this style is in the Designer Showcase) Amacci
AO - Amacci -Classic 
Lighting used - Amacci
It was a toss up, put this picture of our model being silly, or use one of the pictures where she is pole dancing.  You have the option of going to Flickr (link is in upper right corner) if you want to see her pole dancing and see more of the location we shot at.
Crimarizon - pixel panic Gallery       Designer Showcase

Log cabin blues

Everyone needs some down time.  Where better to spend time Resting and Relaxing but in the country.  Being a busy time for us, with the Designer Showcase merchants getting ready to change for another round, we took a little trip to cabin country. Log Cabin Blues & Brews  With the new technology of today, I am able to show you how our model  spent her lunch break.

We are going to have a mean Designer Showcase for you all.  Today our model is wearing the * Pekas Urban rock me baby outfit. will be in Designer Showcase March 30, after noon SL time 
more pictures on Flickr
Shape -* Style by Kira - Julia AV shape CM
Skin - *Diamond Avatar - Bree fair, make up 5 (prev. Designer Showcase)
Shoes - *Lindy Gabby (comes with a colour changing hud)
Jewelry - TST (Two sisters treasures) Ayomide earrings
           - Blah - nose piercing
           - *Bonita Jewelry - belt and necklace
Hair -* Amacci - Suzy (this style will be in Designer Showcase March 30)
AO - * Amacci - Classic

* indicates a Designer Showcase merchant. 
sorry only closeup available the pose had the necklace half hidden. 8-(  
necklace and belt, are double hearts)   Pink tats are from Blah.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

These boots are made for walking

California dreaming, who doesn't want to visit Whisky a GoGo,  the last time I was there, there was so much traffic, the club was jammed packed, it was just not a good time to get pictures.  We returned there today, and wow, what a place.  such memories.  Unfortunately there was no band, but the piped in sounds are "boss" Whisky a Go Go - Muholland Hwy  Turn up your sound and taxi over.  more pictures on flickr
see more pictures on flickr - link upper right 

The "Look" today, features the Amacci  hairstyle Suzy that will be in the Designer Showcase starting March 30, noon SL time. I'm also wearing the Amacci AO Ladylike.
Shoes - Lindy Gabby CC            Makeup - Face Paint Carley 4
Outfit - Cold Logic - top Ellis-green     Cold Logic skirt  Coyle.citrus
Shape/Skin -the body co. Ylang Ylang

Note** Cold Logic makes a very good mesh product, look at the fit on this top and skirt in a posed position.  Great work Damien! Cold Logic

Taxi Designer Showcase   

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chinatown -Mieville Stevenson

Feeling like a night out, I put on my new Sassy Seduction dress - camouflage
combed my messy hair, no matter what I do it is fly away hair, Kik, Nina black,
and comfy shoes for walking HOC Industries - Yay Wedge, hailed a cab and off I went to Chinatown.Victorian Steampunk Chinatown
An art gallery was first on my list, then a shop filled with lovely incense and Arabian lamps. I find a Chinese supermarket much like the ones I'm familiar with.  Must go in to see if they have dim sum. Hmm they have the drawers filled with dried herbs.   Herbs for medicinal purposes and some for teas.
That is the one thing about traveling on one's own, there is no one to share a meal with.  The herbal tea worked wonders, look at my skin, it glows.
Shape/Skin - ylang ylang -the Body Company
Make up - Face paint -  cateyes blue
ao - Amacci Posh -this is the ao that I wear on most of my travels
Eyes - shapes by Kira, seriously dark brown eyes lately my favourite
This dress is a must have, how crazy cute and sexy is it...I never would have thought that I'd think camouflage is cute. or sexy.  Sassy made it happen!
GUESS WHAT  this dress will be in the Designer showcase in the next round!
Mark your calendar. coming up...Designer Showcase  March 30 noon SL time.
more pictures on flickr

setting up office in SL

Wrapped up as we sometimes can be in our daily lives, we forget that there are many in SL who come in to work everyday  In fact there are likely more work environments in SL then we know about.  Today I had the pleasure of touring the Ginny Business Center, where business can rent offices , or meeting rooms when having to conduct business inworld.  The meeting rooms and the conference room are free for tenants.
This is the view from one of the window of the office I saw
The rooms I saw were furnished and spacious.  Suited for an executive suite.
There is an administrator on site to answer any questions you may have.
The young lady I met was Kathleen Ohtobide.  There are times when we simply need a place to convene with friends/family or business associates, keep this place in mind. (more pics on flickr)

Hair- Vive Nine    outfit - orphan Annie (The Sea Hole)   Shoes- Ison
Shape/Skin/eyes -Designer Showcase merchant - Style by Kira

Reminder - Designer Showcase  changes merchandise soon, by the 30th noon SL time what is in the showcase will be gone.

A jewel in the sea

A teleport gone kaput, one of the famous LL taxis that takes its own path and drops you off in parts unknown.  That is what happened to me, I found myself in this magical landscape of lavender, aqua and blue/green.  I could see a building off in the distance, and as I made my way there, enchantment began.The Sea Hole, Tails
The mystery of it all is that when trying to get a link for you, it kept coming up N/A (not available)  I didn't let up, hopefully you will land in this place under the sea.
There will be more pictures on flickr. (link upper right) 
The builder of this site, spent a lot of time working with shadows and lighting
When I finally got inside, I discovered a clothing store.  this will be explored another day  
Today's outfit... Blah - my tight body suit in yellow
Shape - Blah-Formasa            Skin/eyes -Style by Kira  Abigail Fanatasy 01F
Hair -Bizarre Hair -Cinta Black       Sweater- Ruxy's Design
Shoes -ISON -color block prism pump     Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry

A gentle reminder that the outfits in the Designer Showcase will be leaving in the next couple of days, we will have a new showcase for you soon.  If there was something you wanted, don't delay, in a few days it will be back to full price in the merchants store.Designer Showcase

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sassy in bloom

Let me begin by giving you the LM for the wonderful location of the shoot.
From the moment I laid eyes on this dress, I knew I wanted it for myself. It was poetry in motion, the delicate flowers, the drape of the skirt.. Wow.  Even in the store hanging there on a  hanger it was beautiful. Lets hope that this style will come to the Designer Showcase sometime soon, meanwhile you can find it at
the Sassy mainstore. Sassy! -----  painted on canvas
The dress comes with script sizing options.  I preferred to stylize mine, 
you can adjust the layer across the bustline, remove it if you want, and the skirt adjusts.  Perfect to wear with any of your "looks"
Hair - Secret - Yuki (Borealis)
Shape - Blah - Formosa Shape, Curvy
Skin - Style by Kira - Kohia
Shoes - Fay Rhodes

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vershe ripped jeans

Who knew that today I would visit Tarzan's Jungle on Plicka Island. It was an adventure, it was a bit of the trek into the jungle before I reached the small enclosed compound by the river.
We started out by going to the airport where our model consumed too much pizza, sweets and pop 
Sugar rush had her doing sit ups in the airport.  You can see the jeans stood up very well to the abuse she put them to.
Here she is talking to the monkey she spotted in the tree.
There are pictures in Flickr of her dancing to the voodoo drums, etc.  Taxi to the jungle is provided above.  The jeans are in the Designer Showcase

Top - G Field  (flower T shirt)       Shape & Hair Ploom
Shoes - Magnifico (Chiave)  the pink version is currently on sale  in DS.
Make up- Face Paint (one shot aurburn chocolate), Skin - MONS (Diandra)
Ripped Jeans - Vershe, in Designer Showcase now.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tattoos & Kung Fu

LOL did that get your attention.  What I knew about tattoos before I started this blog, was nothing.  I found this sexy outfit at Bubbles Designs  one of the many talented Designer Showcase merchants.  I know many like to take a coffee break while at work, I like to wander the shops, especially those that belong to the Designer Showcase.
I was going to change the shoes for the shoot, and I knew just the jewelry I was going to deck myself out with.  As often happens, it didn't work out that way.  When I put the outfit on, I felt somehow empowered, the woman in me that had taken kung fu lessons some time ago surfaced. At that moment, Rux from Ruxy's IM'd me about something, and next thing I knew I had a cigarette in my mouth, (she has an outfit in her shop that includes a cigarette).  
Well you have to know.. that changed the whole complexion of the post.
Shot on location - Letis Tattoo and Piercing
I can assure you that the Kung Fu master would have had the cigarette out of my mouth in a millisecond. I would have been doing push ups till I dropped. As for the tattoos, all I can say is, inworld I can be anything I want.

more pictures on flickr - link upper right corner of this window
Shape, eyes and Skin - Style by Kira
Hair - Natie, streaked - a little of everything - Ploom
Outfit - Bubbles Designs - Francis outfit include the flat slipper
Cigarette - Ruxy's Design 
Lip Jewelry - G.G. Piercing (same location as Letis Tattoo
Arm and body tattoos - Letis Tattoo and Piercing
Poses - Kung Fu - Luth

Kiss me quick I'm flawless

Cherry Blossom time ... ah the sweet smells of spring. I've had my hair done, my face is flawless in its beauty (LOL) no flies on me this morning... my body is beautiful, I'm wearing an outfit I love, my shoes show off my legs.. come on, quick, kiss me...  I'm high, high, high on the delight of being an avatar in SL.  When we look good, we feel good, when we feel good, guess what, everyone around us benefits
Today i feel like I can conquer the world.  Look out  world, here I come.
Aren't the lips desirable, I'm sure by the end of the day I'll have tried to lick all the chocolate (what I picture as chocolate) lines away.  The eye shadow is just right for an early morning outing, mid afternoon rendez vous, or after dinner cocktail. the eye brows are not overdone, today there is a trend to a heavier eyebrow, however, I prefer the delicate balance shown here.
Eyes - Serious Dark Brown  - Shapes by Kira
Skin - Abigail (fantasy) 01A -Style by Kira
Shape - Julia AV shape CM   -Style by Kira
Hair - A&A Whitney, dark chestnut
Outfit - Sassy! - Rockin' dress 
Shoes- Magnifico Exclusive - Chiave  currently in Designer Showcase
more on flickr (link upper right corner of this window)
Designer Showcase  (DS)
DS merchant - Sassy! - Sassy!
DS  merchant - Style by Kira -Style by Kira, main store

Friday, March 23, 2012


Sisters an odd couple, one likes this and the other prefers something else, I know that Alo had a sister, but we had never really met.Seeing them together was a story in itself.  Seems they had been estranged for some time> I notice that their sense of fashion is not at all the same, the one thing that was very obvious is that they both love the fashion world, they simply have a different take on it.
Reminded me of the diversity that happens within the Designer Showcase. What will look good on one person will not necessarily look good on someone else. Our personalities really do show in our attitudes, the way we stand, the way we put things together.  
Visiting a shop, you see the personality of the designer, come to Designer Showcase and have access to a variety of styles from the very best!
Alo (our ditzy blonde)                                Xsa guest model
Shape- Blah                                            Shape - Imbue
Skin - Idiosyncrasy, audrey                       Skin - Aura - Briar, osaka
Hair - Ploom  Natie                                  Hair - Tovi Mahogany
Shoes - Sticky fingers                              Shoes - Imbue
outfit - NO Rosey outlook                         Outfit - Piddle and  NDD top
jewelry- Cyrstal line                                 Jewelry - Earth Stones bracelet
                                                                          Periquita necklace
more pictures on flickr

Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is really easy to follow a trend when you shop @ Designer Showcase, you get to know some very talented creators.  At the Designer Showcase, you can sample outfits at a fraction of the cost while you explore the quality and compatibility with what YOU like. .. The designer  merchant that I am featuring in this blog is Sassy.  Teased by the different outfits that have been in the DS I finally took myself to the shop to look around. Sassy 
She has a lovely group gift outfit that is to die for.  AND, if you know someone who is new to SL she has a fabulous newcomer gift.  It was hard for me to settle on one outfit, so I bought two..  In passing she has a very nice cozy sweater dress in her mob vend.  The shop is well  laid out, outfits are displayed so you can see the groupings without having to cam all over.  Whether you are a shy butterfly or a blooming orchid, she has a style that will work for you.  Nicely priced too. It was difficult to tear myself away to go prepare for the shoot. =^_^= shopper that I am.

Taken on location Woodstock69 Glory land
and at Alien abduction Trailer Park

outfit 1 -(yellow) Sassy Hippie chick -Boxy
outfit 2 -(print) Sassy Infatuation
1 & 2 - Shape - Ploom Eile, Skin Belleza Elle BL SK 13 HB
1 & 2 - Eyes - shape by Kira - Spring Green (DS merchant)
#2- Jewelry - PurpleMoon - Cubies II In Summer
#1- Jewelry - Elemental -Circular Fusion II  (Designer Showcase merchant)
#2- Hair - A&A Anastasia 3
#1- Hair - Frou Frou - Italian Boy - Golden
#2- Shoes -GaGa boot, Reila Skins, leopard
#1- Shoes - Wedge, colour change HOC
more pictures on flickr


Carrots mint greens, celery & lemons

I've been in many parts of the States, but never the Grand Canyon.  Given the opportunity I logged in and visited the sim.  The Enchanted Forest was my favourite Grand Canyon (Enchanted Forest).  Seeing in the virtual world has sharpened my appetite to visit in person.  I arrived in the canyon part, and actually came down a rope to the forest... This is an amazing build, they can use our support in maintaining it.
It was a perfect setting for the new spring colours - readers open your fashion pages - you'll see a riot of different shades of orange -carrot - celery - banana yellows, if it is colourful and shouts zest then you know you are current. Patterns are in, florals abound, whether in shoes, accessories or in the clothes.
Orange is a spiritual colour, my shopping spree  yesterday, had me glowing.
When I entered the park, I found these delightful raccoons  who  took time from their foraging to visit with me.
The shoes although not the best for walking the trails did hold up, and of course had me feeling very "lovely" and from this picture you can see I was feeling very "ta da" (shoes are from G Field -Rose Bootie Diva orange)
Hair is Natie - streaked from Ploom.   Earrings are from Designer Showcase merchant - Elemental (October earring)  Necklace (Crystal line) Rose colour change necklace
Shape - Ploom. Eile ...................... Skin - Exodi - Sylvan cachet 2 lt.
Eyes - Shape by Kira dark olive green
Oufit is from Blah, My Moody Dress/Domination
more pictures of the grand canyon and forest on flickr..

NB**  I would be remiss in not telling you of a wonderful 1 prim shop for furniture. PrimPossible 1 Prim furniture & Pianos

Till next time,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wearing mesh

If I had hair, I'd have pulled it all out by now.  this evening I prepared to wear the lovely mesh skirt by one of our DS designers, Ruxy's Designs.  The store is participating in the Old Europe Markert Fair.  For this fair, Ruxy's has done a special mesh skirt, exclusive for the fair.   I  really liked the four new releases, and thought I'd like to blog the skirt.  Guess what.  I can't get it to fit me. I've changed AVs at least 4 times if not more.
Nothing works.
I've even gone to, read the information there.  Logged off.  Logged back on..
The designer bless her heart has been on with me for some time.. we can not make it work.  Nor am I getting any of the lovely textures she has used in the skirts.  TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
Rux came over, and eventually she saw the skirt, but I still couldn't. I'm on the most recent viewer from LL.  She used her V2  We got one skirt to rez for me.  I tried after to get the other skirts to rez for me but they wouldn't (textures) ..There are 3 other colours and 1 that is exclusive for the fair.
The Old EuropeMarketFair and Umbrella hunt runs from March 16- April 9th 2012.
Mesh can be a dream or a nightmare..all I say to you is buyer be "aware"..
For now i will take a break from last night's fiasco.  You will see pictures on flickr that will visually express my reaction to the word -Mesh- for the next 24 hours I will not have the word near me. (link is in upper right of this page)
LOL I'll get over it, I love mesh, but like anything else in this world, it can sure "mess with your head"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wave good-bye to winter

Model AloToi gets to spend much of her day at the Designer Showcase.  I thought that I'd give you a glimpse of her environment. Today she was asked to model an outfit that is a classic with an impact of its own. We didn't need much in the line of accessories to show it.  The chic little number is Black Heavens by Java Fashion Designs.  This little black dress  has a lovely lace pattern to it that says "modern day romance".

Today the outfit is paired with a very feminine boot called Allumeuse from boutique Courtisane. (Enktan Gully)  A simple heart pendant (Amacci) is worn at the neck.  Hair is from Exile -Bring it on -frosted.   
Shape- Style by Kira - Serenity          Skin - Style by Kira - Willow 01F
Eyes - Shapes by Kira - Spring Green
The trend this season is to take classic elements and marry them with a lean geometric look, femininity is less dainty, and more brash.  Follow what is happening in the Designer Showcase  stay current.
more pictures on flickr..
Till next time

Eyes -expressions of the soul

Designer Showcase merchant - Bubble's Designs presented me with a wonderful opportunity with the outfit Elizabeth that is in the current DS.  Elizabeth is an outfit that can do double duty, it is exotic, and different.  Your body is covered, but it isn't.  You show enough leg to tempt, and the bodice is cut to show basically most of your front.  This is definitely a dress for a woman who is sure of herself, knows her worth, and is not shy in displaying the delicious offering of her body.

The dress makes such a strong statement in itself, that I didn't change my avatar, I let the dress direct the moment.  What I have chosen to do is give you two looks, night and day.  The night look uses - Quarantine - Fragmented love doll skin  the day look I have used NVious NBGG Aldeen dark tan..  the eyes those haunting dramatic eyes, are from Mia Snow, glacier.  Shape is also Mia Snow, Hunny Tan Sweety,      Hair - Secret, Whimsy II Soil
OK obviously in our day to day we don't go out dressed in such dramatic fashion, but what this outfit has allowed me to do is talk a bit about the importance of shapes,skins and eyes in our wardrobes.  Each designer brings his/her own talents to the drawing board, and you as the artist pulling together your "look of the day"  want to have a good selection in your inventory to draw from.  Designer Showcase is an excellent source for what I consider your basic needs.
more pictures on flickr

The Elizabeth is on sale in the DS now!  the merchant has put in in the DS at $95L which is a fraction of its cost in the shop.  I know cuz I was in the shop looking around the other day.  It looks good without the skirt.  You want sexy, reader, this outfit is SEXY.  Designer Showcae
Shoes are from SLink - Black suede wedge
Choker - S.E. goth dark royalty (Souzou Eien)

Till next time

Monday, March 19, 2012

Record breaking highs

Where I live, we are experiencing record breaking highs.  For me spring always signals change, newness.  I met a friend for lunch the other day, and the magic words were said.  Wanna shop!  I shop all the time, but when someone else is the driver, you get to see places you haven't been before.  LOL voila a new me.
A confirmed card carrying AAA (Avatar Addicts Anonymous) member, I have to admit to you, I was very taken with this look.  I not only looked but felt different.
Shopping with someone else is a lot of fun....  however it is always nice to get back home...  You'll find me hanging around the Designer Showcase


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fresh starts

Spring heralds a new season, new colour, a different blue in the sky and in this part of the world, no snow. Young tender shoots begin to cautiously peak out of the ground, the birds have started to return, and for us, it means we shed our winter coats, jackets and  boots.
Paris Metro Couture put out an outfit that i feel lifts the spirit and adds a bounce to the step.  Dotted Amour Vert gown, is for me a multi purpose outfit.
It comes with a lovely long scarf that falls gracefully down the back, (not shown in the pictures) and a skirt that gives the outfit a very classic evening gown look... you see here that for me I loved the way the designer shaded the pants that go with the outfit.  I feel that it can be worn at home, even out without the skirt.  A wonderful way to hostess a dinner party, or attend an informal summer dinner party  It is the accessories and the shoes that will
help pull your look together.
Hair is paramount in how we want to be seen.  Hair is an important factor in the grand scheme of things.  Vanity Hair is always a safe choice when you want your look to make a statement - Vanity Hair is a leader in the industry,
model is wearing FanFan noir.  Vanity Hair
Jewlery - PurpleMoon - Grant Necklace/earrings carrara marble
diamond bracelet - Little Duchess of York - Two Sisters Treasures
Shoes -Soraya - NICI black/white
Shape /Skin   Alison from Diamond Avatar (Designer Showcase merchant)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

in the Pink

Shopping @ the Designer Showcase is always such a blast, the diverse influences one encounters from the different merchants can't help but shape 
our fashion choices.  Today's "look" is fun, young and full of zest.
Everything  except the hair (Magika/Pixie) is from a Designer Showcase merchant.  The fun outfit from M&M Fashions includes the long necklace and the belly bling!  It is on for $99 right now.. the designer had a ruffle at the end of the sleeve, that is not shown in the pictures.
Shoes -Magnifico Miggins - Chiave $100 in Designer Showcase now
Skin - Style by Kira - Nessima 031   $75  in Designer Showcase now
Shape - Diamond Avatar (Venus)
more pictures on Flickr

Till next time

Friday, March 16, 2012

A visit to another country

The part of SL(Second Life)  that has always thrilled me is the ability I have to travel to practically anywhere in the world in my own time frame, and from the comfort of my home office.  What has this to do with being a shopaholic, welllllll let me tell you.  After my blog yesterday, I was interested in knowing more about the merchant that I had blogged, Diamond Avatar.  After a productive day what does a shopper do to relax, we shop.  I came home with a new skin, Diamond Avatar Venus dark, make up 02.  To my delight when I opened the box, I had a Diamond Avatar shape - Venus.

Being a shape/skin addict, I was not going to bed till I had myself organized for today's blog. The skin and shape sang out to me,  the hair styles began to emerge from my inventory. my inventory is vast, I knew what I was looking for, just didn't know what it would be.  We have all been there.  When I put on Babette noir (Vanity Hair) I gasped in delight.  This was the look that was calling to me. Vanity Hair
Dress is from Icing -Petit Baiser a lovely retro dress that is classic and perfect for mid tea  Icing  and a visit to a foreign country.
Shoes - the same le plateau shoes from Magnifico Miggins I had on the other day (there is a colour hud in the fat pack.Magnifico Miggins
Jewelry -Elemental -sensuous wind Currently featured in the Designer Showcase

The following pictures were shot on location United States of America
there will be more pictures on flickr.

Till next time