Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The world of Suzie Wong

For those of you who don't remember or don't know of Suzie Wong, "The World of Suzie Wong is a 1960 British-American romantic drama film directed by Richard Quine. The screenplay by John Patrick was adapted from the stage play by Paul Osborn, which was based on the novel of the same title by Richard Mason. The film starred William Holden and Nancy Kwan, who replacedFrance Nguyen, the original choice for the film[ "
As a young girl many moons ago, this story  haunted me, I watched the movie, my tender heart reached out to the
plight of the lovers.  Social acceptability's were not what they are today.
Second Life is a lot of things, one of its biggest and most positive pluses is the artistic creativity that it sows and 
Style by Kira, is the brain child of Kira Rinkitink (Paderborn), I have been a customer of hers for many 
years, I've liked and appreciated her talents.  HOWEVER, when I was at the Festival of Sins looking at 
her display there, I was bowled over by her Asian Escort. Not only does one get the avatar, the skin,
outfit, hair, eyes, an amazing light is part of the package.
I wanted the hunk on the cover of the box too, but I was told in no uncertain terms he was not part
of the package.  sigh. Kira even provides a note card with the Windlight Presets to give the best look.
Readers, this information is gold, it works with many looks.. 

Asian Escort is what rang my chimes .. but it was difficult to not indulge a few more of my fantasies. 
She has a wonderful selection of "ladies" who tempt, tease and lure the passion from the unsuspecting
male.  Whether it is through innocence (the Shino Skin, she provides the style card with the skin 
shape is also available) or her other seductive personalities, she knows how to kindle the fires. 
Check out her booth at the Festival of Sin or visit her main shop you owe it to yourself to allow the
sex kitten in you out to play.

Taxi >>- Flawless Style by Kira ..
Taxi >>  Festival of Sin

For me, I have plans to have "Suzie" model for me, I've named her Kinky =^_^=

Till next time

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  1. Thank you so much for the great blog! You made my escort look so great! :D