Saturday, February 11, 2012

A visit to Neverland

With the toe tapping sounds of Michael Jackson's  music wafting through the studio, I came up with the idea to visit Neverland, especially since at A&A on my last visit I splurged on their hairstyle Kingstyle.  It took me a good 20 minutes to decide on the colour I'd get.  Well worth it.

This hairstyle will be a wonderful look for lazy summer days, in fact I can see getting a lot of wear from it, that is why I didn't go with the darkest colour, but instead went with their #2, which is a dark brown.  I also felt that it would allow for a more feminine MJ look.

Shape, skin, makeup, nails, rings (gold) all from Face Paint.

The earrings are from Ricielli, Eustaquia, gold

leather pants, short crop black jacket & frill blouse are from Izzies - Eyes -Izzies Teak mesh
shoes - Ricielli TDR sophia pump

Ok..ok. I couldn't resist having my picture taken in front of the poster with MJ wearing the same hairdo!
If you've never been to visit Neverland, you might want to, there is a lot to do there.  There is even a skating rink, and of course, lots of rides.

For more pictures of my visit to Neverland, visit Flickr, link in upper right.
Till next time

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