Saturday, February 25, 2012

Serenity goes Red Carpet

You've seen Serenity (Shape by Kira) in a couple of different looks, today, her last appearance for awhile
she will show you her outfit for the coming oscar awards
Her outfit was provided by well known Designer ( CarrieSnowpaw) who is a featured Designer in the  Designer Showcase.  This dress dear reader is her outfit in the showcase at the moment at a reduced special cost, so get it before she takes it down. Floral Bustier- Rose.  This dress is a steal at $75. look at the detail in the neckline, the delicate floral pattern creeps up and enhances your chest area.  there is no need for any neck jewelry. With the earrings provided with the dress, you are the tempting morsel framed by the creative genius of the dress designer.  Your date will want to  nuzzle you all night.
Skin for this shoot is H.O. E. inc, Cindy and I got it for $60 (promotion)
Hair, Pin Up, colour Noisette was purchased at Vanity Hair (NOTE, demos cost $1.) The style itself cost me $300. (brown colour pack)
Eyes are Amacci 19 Fudge - I wanted you to see how skin and hair can change the look of your avatar.
Bangles on her wrist Mayfly group gift.

Taxi to Designer Showcase >

Here is a picture of all three ladies -  conceived from the one shape by Kira Rinkitink, for more info, read previous blogs.
Till next time

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