Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Route 666 - Hwy to Hell

a pair of pant leggings from PM set me on the road for this photo shoot.  I landed on  Route 666 (Hwy to Hell) in Swampbottom territory.  I had a great time looking at the road kill, checking the diner, motel and the "biker" bar/dance hall.  The owner of this detailed build is Swampbottom Grunfeld, I'm sure he'd be delighted to have visitors, there is a great place for sitting out back that looks out into the mountains, at one time there must have been a drive in Theatre there.  AloToi had a great time pole dancing, and had she had anyone else there, she could have shot a game of pool.  Check it out.  Go to Flickr for more pictures.

The outfit aloToi is wearing, was fun to put together.  

Top - Ricielli - Anette -old gold, shows what you've got, yet remains light and breezy for ease of movement.
Pants- PM (PurpleMoon) Sora in brown - there is a wonderful selection of colours in this pant
Sunglasses -  PM from the outfti Chloe, Pret a Porter.  sunglasses are a must if you  are going into the sun.

Hair- Truth - Becky, streaked, barley  Having the full fat pack allows for a lot of choices
Shoes - Ricielli - Oxford II  gold
Jewelry - Aurora Borealis - Daimond glam cuff ..... Two Sister Treasures - earrings

Makeup/skin is the Happy Valentine's Day gift from Mons
Till next time

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