Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pret a Porter , and....

Pret a Porter for those of you who may not know, is "ready to wear".  PurpleMoon has this outfit ready to go, when you buy, you get the complete outfit along with the wonderful sun glasses I used in yesterday's shoot.  This is a great idea, especially for the occasions when you need some thing fast to put on that is "all together", coordinated etc.I especially liked that it was your basic black and white..  Each piece will give a "sensational" unique look when paired with another item from your  already bulging closet.

In PurpleMoon's Pret a Porter- Chloe, the designer has given us a pattern in the pants that shows off the curves while all the while blending and maintaining a  look that will work well with other colours and solids. The top is designed to give you a formal, semi formal, cocktail, casual party look.. depending on what you pair it up with.  I like pieces that are multi functional.  For the $ this was a great outfit to add to my closet.

The shoes are from SLink, Astrid - white leopard.  I plan on getting a lot of wear from these too.

We have more and more "mature" players in SL and I wanted to show some of the glamourous hairdos that designers are giving us that come in the white, plantinum, silver etc. colours.  This hair, is Dura by designer Chiaki.Xue, comes in girl or boy .. I got both, this is the boy one I am wearing for this shoot.

Skin  & shape are Belleza.   Skin is Elle BL SK 13,  shape Erika 1

Eyes are very important to your look.  I tried both mesh and the original type, and in the end the ones that captured my attention the most were the Insight - winter big image (Imacci)  It was a tough decision though, the new mesh eyes are very special, and have the ability to give the appearance of looking right back at you.

                                                              Mayfly aged bronze mesh
                          here I tried with different hair colour, just to ensure their depth/vitality                    
      the Mayfly eye is what worked best for me in this shoot, of course it is a matter of preference
you decide!
Till next time

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