Monday, February 13, 2012

once upon a dream

Every young girl has day dreams and fantasies at some time or other of being a beautiful princess.  Later we even shop to try to fulfill those dreams.  I've been looking for years for an outfit that will make me feel like I've achieved that special moment, when I see my reflection and sigh with delight.  Readers, the moment has come.
A friend out of the blue said she had a dress that she thought I'd like.  I was half dressed, looking through my inventory for that special outfit for Valentine's day.  The dress arrived, I put it on, and the magic began.  I stopped looking for hair, shoes I needed, so that was dealt with pronto.  Then I did nothing but watch  myself on the screen.  The designer of this dress has placed her designs on the textures in such a way that the dress wraps itself around the body in a very seductive way.  The billowing layers of the skirt move with such seduction, that nothing else is needed.
Who is this designer, non other than Morea Decosta, the dress is Evangeline - lilac

Shape is Amacci - Jennifer tall - eyebrows are from the Jennifer pkg.
Skin is NVious - Courage M1
Eyes - Mayfly - deep sky eyes - Grey Shadow
Make up - Face Paint - one shot aburn -chocolate
Shoes -Viki - Fay Rhodes
Poses  used ABS Sensualite - Stu Reyes
my AO is AKEYO 

for more pictures, check out my Flickr site
Till next time

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