Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NVious- skin -Bonita M1

Thought I would present you with 1 product today, actually it will be two because during the shoot I wanted something that would really compliment the faces of Bonita,  Designer, GiGi Ponnier has given you not only 1 lovely skin with a good range of potential, she has provided 3 shapes.  Each shape gives Bonita a different look. (facial expression) Eyes are also part of the package.
 Hair is Vanity Hair - Sooner or Later - colour Vanilla (hat is included)
Hair is Vanity Hair - Sooner or Later - blonde (hat is included)
Hair is Vanity Hair - Sooner or later - Essence (hat is included)

Rather than impose my impression, I am letting you decide which you like, and giving you the three faces of this attractive avatar.

Nvious Bonita is available at the Designer Showcase ($100) that's right for 3 shapes and the lovely skin!

Vanity hair/hat Sooner or Later  is available only at the Festival of Sin

Till next time

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