Sunday, February 5, 2012

Melrose hair by Alli & Ali

This is a hair style that deserves special mention.  I'm not usually one who gets much out of a fat pack, but in this instance, it was too hard to decide.  Each colour not only gave me a different look, I felt like a different person with each of the colours.  I didn't want to change my makeup, or shape, I wanted to be able to pull the look together and know that I felt the "zing" when I looked at the image.  It really in the end is about how you feel when you get your "Self" together ready to go out and "play".
Each of the colours will give me totally different looks when I change the bone structure (shape) and the makeup (skin).  That is what you want when selecting hair styles.  Take the time to find what works for you.
You can see by the above picture just how each colour gave the avatar a different "persona" .
I've just discovered the little shoe shop that Fay Rhodes has, you can find the LM in her picks.  Check her  profile, she has a great gift out for February. ( I wore them in my last blog)

I was unable to settle for just one look, that is why I am showing you the ones I liked best out of the fat pack,  What is your choice?

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