Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mayfly group gift - Glacial Dusk Eyes

Eyes that tempt, eyes that compel, eyes that dare you to try to look away.
The Mayfly eyes can speak volumes simply by looking out at you.  The Glacial Dusk eyes are vibrant and alive.  Using the same shape I had on for the last post, (al Vulo, Emy) I changed the skin,(CK Azil ivy skin) slipped on the Mayfly Glacial Dusk and became an irrepressible imp.
I dug into my makeup bag, applied Face Paint, Barbie v2,    pulled out Amacci Doris (blueberry)(hair)  and knew I needed a new dress...=^_^=
Off to the Dressing Room to pick up the Ricielli mesh sequined mini I'd seen earlier, it comes complete with the Ricielli Eustaquia gold citrine dangle earrings. et voila, I felt like a new me.
Shoes are Enkythings, Khan Sangria
more pictures on Flickr
Till next time

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