Saturday, February 4, 2012

make up magic

Usually I don't start writing my blog till I have all the components in place, pictures taken and my notes in order.  I'm having a  hard time doing it this way with my latest outft.  I really want to show this cute dress from PurpleMoon, it is a lovely wool dress and cherry red, perfect for hearts and flowers month.  NB* Greta comes with a lovely fur collar but I am doing the shoot without it.

So what you ask is the hold up.  My face, yup, my face is the hold up.
In the past, I'd pick my shape, my skin, hair and away I go.  This time it isn't flowing, I'm trying a new shape for me, Tracy by shape designer Valentina Barony .  I matched it up with Laqroki's Naja 3 Portrait skin.
Tracy is on sale complete with skin at Ricielli.

You know we all have those days when we look in the mirror and no matter what we do, it just is not coming together.  Then I remembered a "special" I picked up a week or so ago, Face Paint it was called.   Rooted through my inventory found it and added it to my -current outfit- Face Paint =Eve Express
It made a difference, changed the look. Face Paint is Frost Cateyes blue with lashes.

Found the LM and zapped myself over to the shop.  An hour later, I'm still looking, trying on demos and wavering from one look/idea to an other.  I've seen what a good make up artist can do in RL and now, here I find a shop full of make up possibilities.  Readers, a tired look can be instantly revamped.  The cost on these make up compositions is very very reasonable.

What the make up extras do is provide us with a tool to show our individuality, create a different persona while still using our favourite shape/skin.

Eyes are from Mayfly - Deepsky Eyes - dusky Hazel

Shoes are by Fay Rhode, this is a designer worth checking out. check her out, these are her February special presentation.

I'm almost ready to show you the finished "product"  I spent much time this evening doing my hair..  there is so much out there to pick from.  I love flexi hair, when I put on Maryanne by Alli & Ali, that was it.. I went to the shop and bought the whole darn fat pack.  I went from being so so about my looks to completely smitten with myself. LOL, I look at myself and feel smoking hot.  STEAMING!

Till next time

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