Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fashion FUN

Rebel with a cause - spring is on its way, I feel sassy, I want some pizzaz.  One of the Designer Showcase creators, Bonita Popinjay has a shop full of funky jewelry, some of it is classic pearl and beads, but her use of colours and way of presenting them is fun.  Her showcase item this cycle is a fun picture frame that hangs from a chain, from your lower lip ($50L).  My first impression readers was .".no way jose"... Bonita said try it... so I did... Guess what it made me feel really peppy, I liked it, made me feel  younger.
Taxi - Bonita's jewelry

My outfit today, takes on an attitude of fun .. pure and simple.  My outfit is by Ashli Design, and believe it or not, she calls it My Fun.  It too is in the Designer Showcase.  Of course you will note I am wearing it minus the skirt.  That is because I'm showing off my super delicious shape by Kira Rinkitink - (Risa II) The shape you will find in her shop (Flawless) along with the Skin I am wearing LuLu, (4th of July special). Eyes are Shape by Kira - Olive 
Taxi - Flawless
Taxi - Ashli Designs

AND my new shoes,  Enkythings Talyna in Champagne by Enktan Gully. Spring 2012 edition!!  6 colours in the fat pack or sold by each @ $350 a pair.  I'll tell you ladies, he has two pairs on the floor FREE
Taxi - Enkythings

Hair  is Sugarsmack - Bonne - Creme Brule $225L

For the very best in fashion ideas, and value for your dollar, visit the Designer Showcase.  Come and see the latest offerings by our wonderful designers.  The star tattoo on my face is selling for only $29L
Taxi - Designer Showcase -

Till next time                                    **lots more pictures on Flickr
Alo Toi

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