Friday, February 24, 2012

Devil or Angel, I see danger in her eyes....

Lured out to shop Serenity (Style by Kira) visits the Vinyl Cafe and a shop called Fifi & Fleur, this is one of the outfits purchased today, the designer that has caught this writer's eye is Evangaline.Eames.

The skin Serenity 01H opt 2 reminds me of peaches and cream, her lips pouting and sexy look luscious.
The dark emerald green eyes against her fair skin tantalizing.  Her hair frames her face inviting you to tuck a wandering strand back behind her ear.=^_^=  You have the makings here of a little bombshell... 

Evangaline had outfits in the Vinyl Cafe as well as the Fifi & Fleur, I picked up another two outifts in the Vinyl Cafe.

Meanwhile here is the limo for Flawless and Kira's shop, after you've done there, wander over to the Designer Showcase where you'll find other delights to peruse.  (Amacci has a lovely hairstyle there at a special price, one of my favourites, Doris)
** note this is an adult sim (Vinyl Cafe & Fifi Fleur)

Till next time                                         ** more pictures on Flickr**

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