Saturday, February 18, 2012

Designer Showcase

A friend suggested I drop over to the Designer Showcase, check it out.  I was tired, it was end of day, but I went.  Guess what?  I'd been there before, that is where I first discovered a couple of the designers that have made their way into my "artistic" heart.  So I picked up another shape, Tess by Coco, a skin, Nadine by NVious (eyes included) and an outfit Zulu Print by Simone Udimo.  The hair is Amacci's Emilia it is a great style, you can wear it mid length or extra long.

My understanding is that the designers each put in an item at a special price that is showcased for a determined amount of time at this special price.  I got good value for my linden/dollar.  I've put together a very sassy outfit had I purchased these items at their regular prices, my output would have been much more.
The boots "S" Carpe Diem - tuxedo wild leather in white, came from my inventory. everything else, the jewelry accessories with the outfit, etc. are all at the Designer Showcase now.

& FYI I also bought shoes (Lindy Sally Valentine) with colour change hud  $79
my Java Fashion outfit Zulu Print was a whole $49, remember I got the bracelet and earrings too.
My shape which I will get a lot of use of cost me $70  I provided the limo, get on down and check this place out.  You like poses, there is a package of poses there too!!

Till next time


  1. Awesome post! The Designer Showcase changes inventory on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. Everything in the showcase is 100L or less and there are some GREAT designers in there. Thanks so much for the wonderful post, AloToi! <3