Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cute and Sassy

It has been awhile since I've felt like I'm cute and sassy.  Through the Designer Showcase I was introduced to the creative talent of one Rux Anatra (Ruxy Design).  Since I was already going to blog on the Body by Coco shape that I just acquired, I thought I'd see what Rux had to offer in the line of clothes.  She has the cutest junior miss type outfit in the Showcase now, great value reg. price is $345L and she is offering it for $99L incl. shoes and leg warmers(Mary dress & Shoes) perfect transition outfit from winter to spring.  the shoes are beige you'll get lots of wear from the shoes alone.

Nope that is not what I'm wearing .. I'm wearing her outfit Alexa.  Alexa comes in 4 different colours, I'm wearing the brown with beige trims.  I picked a shoe by Delinda Abbot, also a designer who participates in the Designer Showcase (Lindys Modern & Retro Shoes)  The shoe is the Terri, a lovely retro shoe that I find goes with a lot of different outfits from retro to modern.  The colour hud it has allows for a variety of possibilities.

Hair and Eyes are by  Amacci , another designer from the Designer Showcase.. Hair is Marlin, chestnut tipped blonde   Eyes are Insight -  brown/green

Skin.. surprise surpriset is also by Rux Anatra (Ruxy Design).  I have not had a chance to talk with her about her skins yet, she has two lines, Helena and Ivonne. the one in this shoot is  Helene light M1. We all apply and use our makeups differently, there are demos there for you to try.  Always try before you buy.
Note** the Shape, Tess2 by Shape by CoCo is the mod one, when you purchase, there is 1 that is no mod, and one that is
                   Taxi to Designer Showcase
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