Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Broken doll has some fun

All work and no play = no fun, in this vignette we let the evocative Broken Doll loose and let her play.  To go dancing, she wore Twily godess shape and skin, did her makeup with Face Paint (Deadly black) and  for added drama added a tatoo overlay by Vitabela Dubrovana,  Her Genie doll key she picked up on location the other day @ Onyx Noir.  That is also where she got her Layla outfit.  Jewelry she got at Chop Suey Couture.   After some dancing while listening to one of her favourite crooners Spirited Emor, she was activated and ready for mischief.

Here she is looking at one of the showcase windows for Damien Fate's  ColdLogic, I would like to tell you she behaved, but she didn't.    She got into the shop and .... well.. pictures will tell you that she explored everywhere. ColdLogic has a wonderful selection of clothes, please check them out.  His clothes line will take you from the boardroom to banquet dinners.  Whether it is to host at home, or be seen on the town you'll find what you want at Cold Logic. The career woman's #1 place to shop.
There will be more pictures of Broken Doll's escapades on Flickr. (link upper right corner of page).

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