Monday, February 20, 2012

Amacci woman

Remember that expression "never judge a book by its cover".  Readers, Amacci is a name we know, we've come to expect quality and if we are customers, we've enjoyed good selection and excellent customer service.
I was very interested in the Festival of Sin and that Amacci was going to be there.  I braved the lag and attended the fair.  My reaction WOW!  Several of my favourite designers are there.
Amacci has a wonderful shop, I decided to use what is featured there, along with a few other items to show you the versatility of Amacci.
I had a lot of fun finding the "sex kitten" outfit, I realized in the aging process I've gotten a tad stuffy in my personal choices. So I did some shopping =^_^=.. I went for red latex... hey, its my fantasy, the outfit is super "boss"  $120 from Sakide  (bought at the Festival of Sin)  it is actually called Rubbing Latex lingerie,
sounds naughty yes (^_^)
The ball gown, was easy I had it in my inventory. L.D. Jodie, golden (Lillou Merlin Design)

skin - Amacci - Liane (Puder) -04 Candy
shape -Amacci - Lexie -tall - brow 3
make up - Amacci - lip tattoo 10
eyes - Amacci - brown green with sparkle
face light - Amacci soft face light  NB I use the light when doing photography
outfit - LD Jodie
shoes - enkythings baba yago sharya
Hair - Amacci - tattoo base with hair>   PAZ  white and Pythia Swedish blonde

Hair - base is combination mahogany and lite copper
           hair is Bloom, again I combined mahogany and Lite copper
Changed - lip tattoo to # 5 Amacci (Liane Puder)
and added makeup Face Paint - Barbie 6
Shoes - Enkythings Yuja II black
Taxi over to Festival of Sin
SL url
Script count under 60 or you don't get in. AND you must be age confirmed
Till next time
aloToi                                           more pictures on Flickr

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