Sunday, February 19, 2012

Al Vulo (shapes/skins)

In my travels I meet some lovely people, I'm very interested in their avatars.  Last night I came across a gal who was well put together. I liked what I saw so asked for the name of her skin. Answer Al Vulo, this was new to me,   It is a big store, with displays and product all along the sides  right down to the back.  There is plenty to  choose from.  Prices are the same all through the shop, I saw no specials, the only signs are the ones telling you that all the shapes are no mod (they cannot be modified) and that custom requests are not done.  *join the group there is a free skin outside the main bldg.

Shopping for a new shape or skin can be daunting to the new player, always try the demos that are offered.
At Al Vulo demos are not free, you pay $1 linden for them.  Always try the demo skins and shape before buying. Once you buy, the product is yours.

If you are new to SL, remember that a lot of factors go into the look you want.  The face you are looking at in the advertisement is not the face you'll have looking back at you, if you don't have the same bone structure (shape) as the model in the picture. (or close to it)  That is why trying the product on prior to purchase is so important.   This designer, provides you with the ability to purchase the shape of the model in the picture.  Cost of the shapes $350.. and remember no modifications.  Some designers will give you two shapes one that cannot be altered, and one that can, in my purchase I got the al vulo brows for the shape I bought, a small cutie shape (5'8" ) and the regular shape (6'1").

I did notice that some of the shapes had three sizes, small, medium and tall.  Same $ so check out what it is you are purchasing before buying.
I could have dug up some blonde hair for this shot, but I wanted you to see the results of the purchase.  the single skin cost $800.  *NB - lighting is also a big factor on the end results.  There was no style card, it is possible the model for al Vulo is wearing a different skin. (few more pictures on Flickr)

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