Sunday, February 12, 2012

After the Prom

lovely prom dress found @ Lemania's black heart hunt, this week-end. (be my valentine) you see it here in its entirety, shoes and necklace are part of the outfit. The comb in my hair is Zuri Rayna.  Earrings the free group gift (mens) from Chop Suey.   Shoot on location at Club Enchanted Diner.  The music at the diner is very authentic, I didn't want to leave after the shoot was over.

Back when we wore these wonderful dresses that billowed out around us showing our crinolines and fancy pumps (we felt so grown up, after all most of our days were spent in sneakers & jeans or school uniforms depending on where you went to school)  These rock and roll diners were where we hung out dancing the nights away.  After the prom, we always headed to our favourite hang out to "cut loose" catch up on our evening of "passing one more hurdle".  We couldn't grow up fast enough.. we were so eager to taste all of what life had to offer.

To achieve the minimal makeup of the time, I used Face Paint Megan fair, over Face Paint shape Lisa.  I did modify Lisa for the occasion (making sure to have saved the original)  Hair is Amacci Boa, summer blond..
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep sky eyes (Grey Shadow w2).  The poses are an assortment that I collected at the Pose -animation expo this week-end, along with a portable model pose hud Kenya.  My regular hud is an AKEYO

be sure to see the other pictures taken on flickr.
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