Wednesday, February 15, 2012

18th Century New World America
A new purchase for me from Meiling had me on the hunt for a location to best show it off.  I landed in Savannah, an 18th Century New World America build.  It wasn't the  Savannah I had in mind, but the landscape held my interest.  I could feel the wide open spaces of another time, the fish cooking over the fire, likely caught that very day... an animal skin stretched out to dry in the open air.  I can imagine the sound of the fire crackling and the smell of the burning wood, giving off that "comfort" feeling of a meal being prepared.

Meiling's gingham skirt with the simplified version of the blouse lends itself well to the authentic time period
of early America.  Over the bridge there is a tiny settlement with an Inn, where "neighbours" could come together for a time of "rest" after a busy day.

Visit Flickr to see the rest of the pictures from my visit to this location.

Shape - Jennifer (medium) Amacci                          Skin - Jenny Nutmeg -10 Drama Amacci
Makeup -Amacci Jenny Nutmeg - lip tatoo 4
Eyes- shapes by Kira - spring
Hair - Amacci - Millan- Dark Brown  ** I love the natural look and flow of the Amacci hair**
Shoes - Maitreya Group Gift - pumps black

Outfit - Meiling Couture - Gingham days - black
Jewelry TST   JC Ruby Cross Necklace and Earrings
model- aloToi
photographer - Qyhat Harbour
Shot on location as noted above

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