Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fashion FUN

Rebel with a cause - spring is on its way, I feel sassy, I want some pizzaz.  One of the Designer Showcase creators, Bonita Popinjay has a shop full of funky jewelry, some of it is classic pearl and beads, but her use of colours and way of presenting them is fun.  Her showcase item this cycle is a fun picture frame that hangs from a chain, from your lower lip ($50L).  My first impression readers was .".no way jose"... Bonita said try it... so I did... Guess what it made me feel really peppy, I liked it, made me feel  younger.
Taxi - Bonita's jewelry

My outfit today, takes on an attitude of fun .. pure and simple.  My outfit is by Ashli Design, and believe it or not, she calls it My Fun.  It too is in the Designer Showcase.  Of course you will note I am wearing it minus the skirt.  That is because I'm showing off my super delicious shape by Kira Rinkitink - (Risa II) The shape you will find in her shop (Flawless) along with the Skin I am wearing LuLu, (4th of July special). Eyes are Shape by Kira - Olive 
Taxi - Flawless
Taxi - Ashli Designs

AND my new shoes,  Enkythings Talyna in Champagne by Enktan Gully. Spring 2012 edition!!  6 colours in the fat pack or sold by each @ $350 a pair.  I'll tell you ladies, he has two pairs on the floor FREE
Taxi - Enkythings

Hair  is Sugarsmack - Bonne - Creme Brule $225L

For the very best in fashion ideas, and value for your dollar, visit the Designer Showcase.  Come and see the latest offerings by our wonderful designers.  The star tattoo on my face is selling for only $29L
Taxi - Designer Showcase -

Till next time                                    **lots more pictures on Flickr
Alo Toi

Monday, February 27, 2012

New shoes - new Skin - new Hairdo

Spring is in the air as a young girl experiences her first time away from home, that wonderful sense of freedom and the fresh bloom of new found confidence.  I've teamed three of the new items* in the Designer Showcase.
The hair* is Amacci - Sibylla in natural blonde (  7 shades on sale in the vendor) $99L
The skin* is Serenity 01C option 2 by Style by Kira  ($75L)
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky - Grey Shadow
Shape -  Twily, goddess
Face light - Amacci - soft light-
The black patent shoes, Lindy* (Becky), the red trim gives it an extra touch of elegance.($79L)
Outfit worn is by Lemania Indigo - That Girl
Shot on location - Book Island Publishing Village -more pictures on Flickr

Taxi to Designer Showcase
** The special prices are good only while they are on display in the Designer Showcase

Till next time

Bonnie gets ready to pick up Clyde

Outfit is by Lemania Indigo, car, machine gun come with the package when you purchase the Bonnie Parker outfit.  I couldn't wait to try this out when I got it, its been awhile now, life has been busy, but finally here it is.  Shoes, hat and hair are all part of the package.

Here Bonnie is checking out the hood of her car..

Skin - is by Kira Rinkitink, Style by Kira = Kate skin 01K ** remember she has a Kate skin on sale at the Designer Showcase, grab it before the showcase changes in a few days.
Shape is a Twily - designer shape Goddess
Eyes - Carina Larsen (Amacci) -Insight brown green
Face light is Amacci - soft light
Spit, caught before she could even get into the car!  Clyde will have to wait. Going back for her gun was the wrong move!  You make the right move and get down to the Designer Showcase to pick up Kira's Kate skin before it goes back to full price.

Taxi to Designer Showcase -
a special thank you to Lemania Indigo for her wonderful Bonnie Parker outfit!

Till next time                               ** more pictures on Flickr

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cute and Sassy

It has been awhile since I've felt like I'm cute and sassy.  Through the Designer Showcase I was introduced to the creative talent of one Rux Anatra (Ruxy Design).  Since I was already going to blog on the Body by Coco shape that I just acquired, I thought I'd see what Rux had to offer in the line of clothes.  She has the cutest junior miss type outfit in the Showcase now, great value reg. price is $345L and she is offering it for $99L incl. shoes and leg warmers(Mary dress & Shoes) perfect transition outfit from winter to spring.  the shoes are beige you'll get lots of wear from the shoes alone.

Nope that is not what I'm wearing .. I'm wearing her outfit Alexa.  Alexa comes in 4 different colours, I'm wearing the brown with beige trims.  I picked a shoe by Delinda Abbot, also a designer who participates in the Designer Showcase (Lindys Modern & Retro Shoes)  The shoe is the Terri, a lovely retro shoe that I find goes with a lot of different outfits from retro to modern.  The colour hud it has allows for a variety of possibilities.

Hair and Eyes are by  Amacci , another designer from the Designer Showcase.. Hair is Marlin, chestnut tipped blonde   Eyes are Insight -  brown/green

Skin.. surprise surpriset is also by Rux Anatra (Ruxy Design).  I have not had a chance to talk with her about her skins yet, she has two lines, Helena and Ivonne. the one in this shoot is  Helene light M1. We all apply and use our makeups differently, there are demos there for you to try.  Always try before you buy.
Note** the Shape, Tess2 by Shape by CoCo is the mod one, when you purchase, there is 1 that is no mod, and one that is
                   Taxi to Designer Showcase
Till next time

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Serenity goes Red Carpet

You've seen Serenity (Shape by Kira) in a couple of different looks, today, her last appearance for awhile
she will show you her outfit for the coming oscar awards
Her outfit was provided by well known Designer ( CarrieSnowpaw) who is a featured Designer in the  Designer Showcase.  This dress dear reader is her outfit in the showcase at the moment at a reduced special cost, so get it before she takes it down. Floral Bustier- Rose.  This dress is a steal at $75. look at the detail in the neckline, the delicate floral pattern creeps up and enhances your chest area.  there is no need for any neck jewelry. With the earrings provided with the dress, you are the tempting morsel framed by the creative genius of the dress designer.  Your date will want to  nuzzle you all night.
Skin for this shoot is H.O. E. inc, Cindy and I got it for $60 (promotion)
Hair, Pin Up, colour Noisette was purchased at Vanity Hair (NOTE, demos cost $1.) The style itself cost me $300. (brown colour pack)
Eyes are Amacci 19 Fudge - I wanted you to see how skin and hair can change the look of your avatar.
Bangles on her wrist Mayfly group gift.

Taxi to Designer Showcase >

Here is a picture of all three ladies -  conceived from the one shape by Kira Rinkitink, for more info, read previous blogs.
Till next time

Friday, February 24, 2012

Serenity presents a different face

I thought it would be fun to show you how Serenity looks with different eyes, hair and skin (makeup) We all love to show off something new.  Many of you have your favourite shape or shapes, but want a new look.
You saw Serenity yesterday as a blonde with lighter eyes, here she is in a very classic yet sexy  red/black outfit from Jazmyn D. one of the merchants from the Designer Showcase.    Hair is A&A Anastasia #3, the metal head band has changing textures.  Eyes are Amacci 19 Fudge (big).  Shoes are SLink.(see yesterday's blog)  Skin is Style by Kira - Kate 01H   Kira has one of the skins from this series on special $ at the Designer Showcase don't miss out on it.  Shape is of course Serenity > Style by Kira

Taxi for the Designer Showcase >
Taxi for Jazmyn D and Alli & Ali >

Devil or Angel, I see danger in her eyes....

Lured out to shop Serenity (Style by Kira) visits the Vinyl Cafe and a shop called Fifi & Fleur, this is one of the outfits purchased today, the designer that has caught this writer's eye is Evangaline.Eames.

The skin Serenity 01H opt 2 reminds me of peaches and cream, her lips pouting and sexy look luscious.
The dark emerald green eyes against her fair skin tantalizing.  Her hair frames her face inviting you to tuck a wandering strand back behind her ear.=^_^=  You have the makings here of a little bombshell... 

Evangaline had outfits in the Vinyl Cafe as well as the Fifi & Fleur, I picked up another two outifts in the Vinyl Cafe.

Meanwhile here is the limo for Flawless and Kira's shop, after you've done there, wander over to the Designer Showcase where you'll find other delights to peruse.  (Amacci has a lovely hairstyle there at a special price, one of my favourites, Doris)
** note this is an adult sim (Vinyl Cafe & Fifi Fleur)

Till next time                                         ** more pictures on Flickr**

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NVious- skin -Bonita M1

Thought I would present you with 1 product today, actually it will be two because during the shoot I wanted something that would really compliment the faces of Bonita,  Designer, GiGi Ponnier has given you not only 1 lovely skin with a good range of potential, she has provided 3 shapes.  Each shape gives Bonita a different look. (facial expression) Eyes are also part of the package.
 Hair is Vanity Hair - Sooner or Later - colour Vanilla (hat is included)
Hair is Vanity Hair - Sooner or Later - blonde (hat is included)
Hair is Vanity Hair - Sooner or later - Essence (hat is included)

Rather than impose my impression, I am letting you decide which you like, and giving you the three faces of this attractive avatar.

Nvious Bonita is available at the Designer Showcase ($100) that's right for 3 shapes and the lovely skin!

Vanity hair/hat Sooner or Later  is available only at the Festival of Sin

Till next time

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The world of Suzie Wong

For those of you who don't remember or don't know of Suzie Wong, "The World of Suzie Wong is a 1960 British-American romantic drama film directed by Richard Quine. The screenplay by John Patrick was adapted from the stage play by Paul Osborn, which was based on the novel of the same title by Richard Mason. The film starred William Holden and Nancy Kwan, who replacedFrance Nguyen, the original choice for the film[ "
As a young girl many moons ago, this story  haunted me, I watched the movie, my tender heart reached out to the
plight of the lovers.  Social acceptability's were not what they are today.
Second Life is a lot of things, one of its biggest and most positive pluses is the artistic creativity that it sows and 
Style by Kira, is the brain child of Kira Rinkitink (Paderborn), I have been a customer of hers for many 
years, I've liked and appreciated her talents.  HOWEVER, when I was at the Festival of Sins looking at 
her display there, I was bowled over by her Asian Escort. Not only does one get the avatar, the skin,
outfit, hair, eyes, an amazing light is part of the package.
I wanted the hunk on the cover of the box too, but I was told in no uncertain terms he was not part
of the package.  sigh. Kira even provides a note card with the Windlight Presets to give the best look.
Readers, this information is gold, it works with many looks.. 

Asian Escort is what rang my chimes .. but it was difficult to not indulge a few more of my fantasies. 
She has a wonderful selection of "ladies" who tempt, tease and lure the passion from the unsuspecting
male.  Whether it is through innocence (the Shino Skin, she provides the style card with the skin 
shape is also available) or her other seductive personalities, she knows how to kindle the fires. 
Check out her booth at the Festival of Sin or visit her main shop you owe it to yourself to allow the
sex kitten in you out to play.

Taxi >>- Flawless Style by Kira ..
Taxi >>  Festival of Sin

For me, I have plans to have "Suzie" model for me, I've named her Kinky =^_^=

Till next time

Monday, February 20, 2012

Amacci woman

Remember that expression "never judge a book by its cover".  Readers, Amacci is a name we know, we've come to expect quality and if we are customers, we've enjoyed good selection and excellent customer service.
I was very interested in the Festival of Sin and that Amacci was going to be there.  I braved the lag and attended the fair.  My reaction WOW!  Several of my favourite designers are there.
Amacci has a wonderful shop, I decided to use what is featured there, along with a few other items to show you the versatility of Amacci.
I had a lot of fun finding the "sex kitten" outfit, I realized in the aging process I've gotten a tad stuffy in my personal choices. So I did some shopping =^_^=.. I went for red latex... hey, its my fantasy, the outfit is super "boss"  $120 from Sakide  (bought at the Festival of Sin)  it is actually called Rubbing Latex lingerie,
sounds naughty yes (^_^)
The ball gown, was easy I had it in my inventory. L.D. Jodie, golden (Lillou Merlin Design)

skin - Amacci - Liane (Puder) -04 Candy
shape -Amacci - Lexie -tall - brow 3
make up - Amacci - lip tattoo 10
eyes - Amacci - brown green with sparkle
face light - Amacci soft face light  NB I use the light when doing photography
outfit - LD Jodie
shoes - enkythings baba yago sharya
Hair - Amacci - tattoo base with hair>   PAZ  white and Pythia Swedish blonde

Hair - base is combination mahogany and lite copper
           hair is Bloom, again I combined mahogany and Lite copper
Changed - lip tattoo to # 5 Amacci (Liane Puder)
and added makeup Face Paint - Barbie 6
Shoes - Enkythings Yuja II black
Taxi over to Festival of Sin
SL url
Script count under 60 or you don't get in. AND you must be age confirmed
Till next time
aloToi                                           more pictures on Flickr

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mayfly group gift - Glacial Dusk Eyes

Eyes that tempt, eyes that compel, eyes that dare you to try to look away.
The Mayfly eyes can speak volumes simply by looking out at you.  The Glacial Dusk eyes are vibrant and alive.  Using the same shape I had on for the last post, (al Vulo, Emy) I changed the skin,(CK Azil ivy skin) slipped on the Mayfly Glacial Dusk and became an irrepressible imp.
I dug into my makeup bag, applied Face Paint, Barbie v2,    pulled out Amacci Doris (blueberry)(hair)  and knew I needed a new dress...=^_^=
Off to the Dressing Room to pick up the Ricielli mesh sequined mini I'd seen earlier, it comes complete with the Ricielli Eustaquia gold citrine dangle earrings. et voila, I felt like a new me.
Shoes are Enkythings, Khan Sangria
more pictures on Flickr
Till next time

Al Vulo (shapes/skins)

In my travels I meet some lovely people, I'm very interested in their avatars.  Last night I came across a gal who was well put together. I liked what I saw so asked for the name of her skin. Answer Al Vulo, this was new to me,   It is a big store, with displays and product all along the sides  right down to the back.  There is plenty to  choose from.  Prices are the same all through the shop, I saw no specials, the only signs are the ones telling you that all the shapes are no mod (they cannot be modified) and that custom requests are not done.  *join the group there is a free skin outside the main bldg.

Shopping for a new shape or skin can be daunting to the new player, always try the demos that are offered.
At Al Vulo demos are not free, you pay $1 linden for them.  Always try the demo skins and shape before buying. Once you buy, the product is yours.

If you are new to SL, remember that a lot of factors go into the look you want.  The face you are looking at in the advertisement is not the face you'll have looking back at you, if you don't have the same bone structure (shape) as the model in the picture. (or close to it)  That is why trying the product on prior to purchase is so important.   This designer, provides you with the ability to purchase the shape of the model in the picture.  Cost of the shapes $350.. and remember no modifications.  Some designers will give you two shapes one that cannot be altered, and one that can, in my purchase I got the al vulo brows for the shape I bought, a small cutie shape (5'8" ) and the regular shape (6'1").

I did notice that some of the shapes had three sizes, small, medium and tall.  Same $ so check out what it is you are purchasing before buying.
I could have dug up some blonde hair for this shot, but I wanted you to see the results of the purchase.  the single skin cost $800.  *NB - lighting is also a big factor on the end results.  There was no style card, it is possible the model for al Vulo is wearing a different skin. (few more pictures on Flickr)

Till next time

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Designer Showcase

A friend suggested I drop over to the Designer Showcase, check it out.  I was tired, it was end of day, but I went.  Guess what?  I'd been there before, that is where I first discovered a couple of the designers that have made their way into my "artistic" heart.  So I picked up another shape, Tess by Coco, a skin, Nadine by NVious (eyes included) and an outfit Zulu Print by Simone Udimo.  The hair is Amacci's Emilia it is a great style, you can wear it mid length or extra long.

My understanding is that the designers each put in an item at a special price that is showcased for a determined amount of time at this special price.  I got good value for my linden/dollar.  I've put together a very sassy outfit had I purchased these items at their regular prices, my output would have been much more.
The boots "S" Carpe Diem - tuxedo wild leather in white, came from my inventory. everything else, the jewelry accessories with the outfit, etc. are all at the Designer Showcase now.

& FYI I also bought shoes (Lindy Sally Valentine) with colour change hud  $79
my Java Fashion outfit Zulu Print was a whole $49, remember I got the bracelet and earrings too.
My shape which I will get a lot of use of cost me $70  I provided the limo, get on down and check this place out.  You like poses, there is a package of poses there too!!

Till next time

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Widow

Shot on location - SLFDA Funeral home -

shot on location - New Toulouse Saint Louis Cemetery

The widow is wearing an outfit by Aleida -Black Widow...hat is part of the outfit.......
Shoes -Patulas House, black white ribbon stiletto heels (Ten Dexler)
Hair - Exile - Ali- Artic
Shape - Twily, Sky                       Skin - Style by Kira - Abigale 01F
Eyes - Amacci - emerald 12
more pictures can be seen on Flickr

Till next time

Lemania Indigo's Brazilia

I saw the dress, I wanted the dress, I bought the dress.. we've all been there, we love the dress, we get it home come to wear it and realize that something is missing.  In this instance it was hair.  Lemania packed shoes with this dress, so I had the shoes, AND wonderful black silk stockings with the chic line down the back of the leg.
Shape -Twily's Alora, used Twily's eyebrows.      
Skin - Nvious, Keisha Fantasy M1 (it was the lip colour that sold me on this skin)
Eyes - Poetic - Moon - autumn )m) bright                              Face light - Amacci -strong light
the dress itself is a wonderful pattern of darks and orange vibrant colours in warm shades of yellows/golds and orange.  Brazilia is above the knee in length giving the legs a nice long sexy look.

My search for hair took me to a lot of places.  For me I like flexi hair, and if I need to I will just keep on looking.  In my search I did find a location with lots of freebies, thought you night like to check it out, it is a Hair mall, so a  lot of good designers in one location.  The hair I found and love, comes in two styles the one I am wearing and a longer version with an attachment, is from Tribal Soul Designs.  following is the SLurl to the HAIR ONLY place.

Time now to review the spoils of last night's shopping.
Till next time

Thursday, February 16, 2012

change the shoes, change the woman

How many shoes can one gal have, from what I've learned in my lifetime so far... we can never have enough shoes...  This morning I discovered another shoe shop.. Mintxu Denimore designer of the L3S label, this is the  SLurl..  (Opium LAD)  Prices are very reasonable... when I get back home I'll be trying them out, see how they come out of the box =^_^= feel and look on the foot.
This is my first time in this shop, so I have more looking around to do.  Actually won an outfit on a lucky chair, haven't checked it out yet either.  Note this is a shop with a lot of  lucky chairs.
Having a more leisurely look around the shop, I can see that my post today will likely show two looks, you will see that my approach started out rather conservatively...

Shape - Stiletto Moody - Beauty shape V09              Skin - Style by Kira - Abigail Fantasy 01A
Eyes - Amacci - Grey/brown            Hair - Amacci- lily, mocha,           Face light - Amacci - warm 
Shoes - by Fay Rhodes - Nora         Top - GB highneck sweater c/w necklace (Takuya Jinn)
Jeans - Mia Snow's Tuesday jeans.             Earrings Aurora Borealis -Cartier Deco, silver

**note that the trip to Opium changed me from haute couture, to la sex kitten.
The only change to the outfit on the right is the footwear... new boots, the top came with the boots.
Package is called Hojas Suaves, by Mintxu Denimore (L3S Opium)  the top of course, and the  hair.     Hair in second outfit is Amacci - Michelle - butterscotch.  Oh and I changed the face light to Amacci strong to better capture the highlights in the face/hair for the photos.
but of course, I purchased another pair of shoes... you'll get to see them another time =^_^=
Till next time
aloToi                                                 ** see other pictures on Flickr

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rediscovering Mia Snow

No she wasn't lost, but I had drifted away into other parts of SL and till today when I rediscovered her shop, her creative genius was tucked away in a back corner.  Where to start with her "in your face" make ups and skins.  Guess it will depend on your mood when you venture into her web.  I think you will either like her flamboyant style, or you won't.  I had a ball, once I started to reinvent myself, there was no turning back.

check out more pictures from my fun day on flickr (link is above on right)
Till next time

18th Century New World America
A new purchase for me from Meiling had me on the hunt for a location to best show it off.  I landed in Savannah, an 18th Century New World America build.  It wasn't the  Savannah I had in mind, but the landscape held my interest.  I could feel the wide open spaces of another time, the fish cooking over the fire, likely caught that very day... an animal skin stretched out to dry in the open air.  I can imagine the sound of the fire crackling and the smell of the burning wood, giving off that "comfort" feeling of a meal being prepared.

Meiling's gingham skirt with the simplified version of the blouse lends itself well to the authentic time period
of early America.  Over the bridge there is a tiny settlement with an Inn, where "neighbours" could come together for a time of "rest" after a busy day.

Visit Flickr to see the rest of the pictures from my visit to this location.

Shape - Jennifer (medium) Amacci                          Skin - Jenny Nutmeg -10 Drama Amacci
Makeup -Amacci Jenny Nutmeg - lip tatoo 4
Eyes- shapes by Kira - spring
Hair - Amacci - Millan- Dark Brown  ** I love the natural look and flow of the Amacci hair**
Shoes - Maitreya Group Gift - pumps black

Outfit - Meiling Couture - Gingham days - black
Jewelry TST   JC Ruby Cross Necklace and Earrings
model- aloToi
photographer - Qyhat Harbour
Shot on location as noted above

Till next time

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Modern Geisha

In a world where life is forever changing, the outer layers may look different but to the trained geisha, education, social change, evolution of art, and the art of "presence" is still a skill to be honed. In a geisha's world, quality of life, products and presentation was the standard.

Till next time                                                       visit Flickr for more photos

Monday, February 13, 2012

once upon a dream

Every young girl has day dreams and fantasies at some time or other of being a beautiful princess.  Later we even shop to try to fulfill those dreams.  I've been looking for years for an outfit that will make me feel like I've achieved that special moment, when I see my reflection and sigh with delight.  Readers, the moment has come.
A friend out of the blue said she had a dress that she thought I'd like.  I was half dressed, looking through my inventory for that special outfit for Valentine's day.  The dress arrived, I put it on, and the magic began.  I stopped looking for hair, shoes I needed, so that was dealt with pronto.  Then I did nothing but watch  myself on the screen.  The designer of this dress has placed her designs on the textures in such a way that the dress wraps itself around the body in a very seductive way.  The billowing layers of the skirt move with such seduction, that nothing else is needed.
Who is this designer, non other than Morea Decosta, the dress is Evangeline - lilac

Shape is Amacci - Jennifer tall - eyebrows are from the Jennifer pkg.
Skin is NVious - Courage M1
Eyes - Mayfly - deep sky eyes - Grey Shadow
Make up - Face Paint - one shot aburn -chocolate
Shoes -Viki - Fay Rhodes
Poses  used ABS Sensualite - Stu Reyes
my AO is AKEYO 

for more pictures, check out my Flickr site
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

After the Prom

lovely prom dress found @ Lemania's black heart hunt, this week-end. (be my valentine) you see it here in its entirety, shoes and necklace are part of the outfit. The comb in my hair is Zuri Rayna.  Earrings the free group gift (mens) from Chop Suey.   Shoot on location at Club Enchanted Diner.  The music at the diner is very authentic, I didn't want to leave after the shoot was over.

Back when we wore these wonderful dresses that billowed out around us showing our crinolines and fancy pumps (we felt so grown up, after all most of our days were spent in sneakers & jeans or school uniforms depending on where you went to school)  These rock and roll diners were where we hung out dancing the nights away.  After the prom, we always headed to our favourite hang out to "cut loose" catch up on our evening of "passing one more hurdle".  We couldn't grow up fast enough.. we were so eager to taste all of what life had to offer.

To achieve the minimal makeup of the time, I used Face Paint Megan fair, over Face Paint shape Lisa.  I did modify Lisa for the occasion (making sure to have saved the original)  Hair is Amacci Boa, summer blond..
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep sky eyes (Grey Shadow w2).  The poses are an assortment that I collected at the Pose -animation expo this week-end, along with a portable model pose hud Kenya.  My regular hud is an AKEYO

be sure to see the other pictures taken on flickr.
Till next time

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A visit to Neverland

With the toe tapping sounds of Michael Jackson's  music wafting through the studio, I came up with the idea to visit Neverland, especially since at A&A on my last visit I splurged on their hairstyle Kingstyle.  It took me a good 20 minutes to decide on the colour I'd get.  Well worth it.

This hairstyle will be a wonderful look for lazy summer days, in fact I can see getting a lot of wear from it, that is why I didn't go with the darkest colour, but instead went with their #2, which is a dark brown.  I also felt that it would allow for a more feminine MJ look.

Shape, skin, makeup, nails, rings (gold) all from Face Paint.

The earrings are from Ricielli, Eustaquia, gold

leather pants, short crop black jacket & frill blouse are from Izzies - Eyes -Izzies Teak mesh
shoes - Ricielli TDR sophia pump

Ok..ok. I couldn't resist having my picture taken in front of the poster with MJ wearing the same hairdo!
If you've never been to visit Neverland, you might want to, there is a lot to do there.  There is even a skating rink, and of course, lots of rides.

For more pictures of my visit to Neverland, visit Flickr, link in upper right.
Till next time

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lonely Heart

For some Valentines Day, is a stark reminder of being alone, heartbroken, with only memories of what was, and knowing that the day will be a bleak celebration of emptiness.

Please check Flickr for more pictures

Shape -ABS - Hanna3
Skin - quarantine - Putrid vintage licorice
Eyes -:::B@R::: big black (free)
Hair - Reila Skins - Feb. group gift
dress/gloves - Inga Wind  IW  Adele in black
undergarment - Twily - Bikini
Shoes - SLink Suede wrap wedge

Share a smile, reach out and say Hi to someone who is alone on Valentines day...

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yesterday.....when life was simpler,perhaps kinder, certainly less hectic......  Ingenue fashions bring back the feminine styles of yesterday.

A woman's favourite fashion accessory - her hat, I was delighted with the choices at Hatpins
the finishing touch was the jewelry.  Your outfit wasn't complete without it.

Makeup - Face Paint -Frost Cateyes, blue
Eyes - Extreme real - Linda (Reila)
Hair - Ingenue - Myrna (Merlot)
More pictures from this shoot are on flickr, link is in upper right corner.

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