Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Some stores are more inviting then others, PurpleMoon is a delight to shop in.  One of the bigger shops, it is bright, well designed and easy to get around in.  Lots to see, merchandise is thoughtfully laid out so you can easily see what the colour choices are.  The departments are spaced so that your visual experience is restful on the eyes.  My first visit was an in and out quickie.  Today I went back for a real look around.  I didn't go there to shop, I went to see the layout and check out the quality of the merchandise.  Guess what, I so enjoyed being there, I did shop.  Personal shopping yes, but also work related, there was a lot there to get my imagination going.  You can be sure that you will see more PM (PurpleMoon) items featured here.

Meanwhile, this was my 1st valentine goodie for me, myself and I =^_^=
The outfit readers, is PM's gift for group members
If you have not already made your way down there, I suggest you call up your limo visit as soon as you can.
NB* there is a group fee.

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